Afton Star Burton Gallery


3 thoughts on “Afton Star Burton Gallery

  1. What’s that girl doin’ with that cool swaying long dress
    what’s that mark over her big beautiful eyes

    why it’s Afton with that goofy name…ah
    …I know…look who’s talkin’…

    what are ya really thinkin’ Afton
    well who you been visitin’
    well is it any wonder they call our boy Lucky Charlie
    say hey hey
    do you all ever wonder about Corcoran prison
    do you ever wonder how it’s smack dab in the middle between Spahn and Haight-Ashbury
    a round trip journey
    weird if you ask me
    Afton Star you’re like a girl in a 60’s French movie
    or in a Fellini movie from beautiful Italy
    ah Afton you’re so cute and goofy
    but you’re no dummy
    you coulda been in those fields in the groovy 60’s
    you woulda been singing and hoppin’ and even flyin’
    green grass yellow flowers
    cotton candy pink and white clouds
    softly gazing at blue skies
    then up and up at dark blue velvety skies
    and here you are Afton a living star
    up up Afton there see those other stars

    That’s who this girl is with that cool swaying long dress
    that’s you with those big beautiful eyes

    then won’t you stay Afton
    some people have left well so what can you do or say
    but you know there’s another day for you to play
    so now see what we say
    cause you know when you look up again
    the stars are always gonna be there
    where are you cutie
    oh where oh where
    is that you Star is that you Afton

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