Charles Manson Today



One thought on “Charles Manson Today

  1. Brother Charlie should probably…make that definitely lose the dark shades. Lighter lenses so that you can see the eyes is classier looking and you would look suave.
    The beard should perhaps go to more of a goatee, as we all remember how sophisticated, confident and handsome brother Charlie looked back in the hallways of the old courthouse on Temple and Broadway.
    Having made these humble suggestions, I shall make the following statements about Charlie: the violence did brother Charlie in, that was the big, big mistake(s). Terrible decisions there, in late July till the end of August. Can’t escape that, Charlie.

    However, Charlie, as the years went by became much more aware and much wiser about the facts of life in various aspects in this society and even in the world.
    Charlie should have been allowed to represent himself at the trial that was persecuting…ah…prosecuting him and the three sweeties, Susan, Pat and dazzling eyes Leslie: be still my heart.

    There were numerous grounds for a mistrial, such as Prez Nixon saying Charlie was guilty, the venue in L.A. was wrong to hold the trial, there should have been a change of venue, the overdoing by Judge Older of sending the girls out of the courtroom for any little word or three they uttered once in a while, and, too, the personal life of the four on trial here, that was at Spahn was none of anyone’s business and should have had no bearing on the case.
    The prosecution was passing info to the press, against the court rules and …the charade went on and on, there was that Halloween party by the DA’s with some press members making fun of the murder scene, too.
    The hammering of that Helter Skelter nonsense by the DA bullshitters would be laughed out of the trial on the first day if that trial was happening now, these days.
    Oh, well, what are you gonna do.
    Still, the parole situation has not been fair, either, to the four, as others have been released for the same type of crimes. by over a thousand only between 2008 and 2014.
    Can you see where it’s at, friends, and where I’m coming from. Okay, thanks.

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