Charles Manson Today



2 thoughts on “Charles Manson Today

  1. brother Charlie how you doin’ some of us gotta say
    Charlie don’t go no it’s too soon who can imagine California and America without you on the screen and all those bullshittin’ discussion rooms American fantasies and weird sayins’ from across the Spahn of time almost 50 years now where did we go wrong we’ll really miss ya tellin’ us how you really feel you’re a smart fella even without no educatin’ degrees don’t go yet brother take your time ain’t no reason to be in a hurry to go gallopin’ to that big ole ranch in the sky we know how time can really fly my oh my we know you have so much knowin’ about what’s really goin’ on and some people won’t listen well dang it all didn’t they see you making sense when you were talking and interviewin’ with Diane Sawyer she’s a fair lady seems that was in the year of our lord in 1993 why sure it was in your eyes and there you were tellin’ no lies I think that brother Charlie is thinkin’ and feelin’ that he would have done things differently if he could go back to the August crimes look and see it in the sadness in his eyes and he would do no such things but there’s no time machine and I don’t know about the ways of forgetting and forgiving that really ain’t easy we know time helps heal wounds too brother Charlie I gotta say that you let us down back on those summer days you really truly went the wrong way with a head full of delusion and haze in front of your eyes no one shoulda been hurt in anyway the days of August 8 to 29 of course you have blame I’m not trying’ to fool anyone what a strange society we live in even though you had it rough and lousy during your growin’ up years you like all of us felt pain and tears well but now a lot of us still say,
    maybe hang on a little longer don’t be a stranger hey now how about leaving the hospital room and go back to your room at California’s greybar hotel
    sometimes it seems it’s all over to everything under the never ending sky
    and it just comes down to another and then another goodbye

  2. Brother Charlie,
    Where… did you go…
    They said you left us and now they don’t know where you’ll be resting too.
    Yeah brother Charlie, I heard it on the radio, and, well…that was right after a Beatles tune, what can I say, it happened that way, well, now I wonder bout’ it all
    wondering, like, you know, where all you livers who became dyers, dig..? like where do you all go
    man, Elvis said that life’s a stage and we’re just a part
    is that it we’re maybe part of a show you know I don’t know it all
    but I know brother Charlie you’d look us right in the eye
    you always said you’d hate to lie
    gotta admit you had style the way you danced around from the room at Spahn to talking with some interviewer clown
    right on man I know you’d look me right in the eye and say-
    look up boy do you really think that everything is what you can touch and see
    feel it man there’s things in the mind and in the universe free your head
    dying ain’t the end know it and be you and you’ll now be free

    Yes, friends, enemies and fellow travelers, that’s some of what Charlie has said over the years and means,
    well, he said it’s living that’s hard, after that it’s easy cause y’all will be free
    and I have no doubt that he would say it like he said before, which is…
    ‘dig what I say… try to live well…
    and, he said:
    Have A Good Day

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