Dianne Lake

Name: Dianne Elizabeth Lake
Date of birth: 2/28/1953
Place of birth: Hennepin, Minnesota
AKA: Snake, Dianne Bluestein
Archive: Dianne Lake
Whereabouts: Redacted
Dianne Lake lives under her marital name
Recent Pictures: Dianne Lake Today
Image Gallery: Dianne Lake Image Gallery

While the country was still reeling from the news of a two-day murder spree across Los Angeles that left seven people dead, a then-16-year-old girl named Dianne Lake was learning first-hand details about the 1969 slayings that would change her life forever.

Dianne Elizabeth Lake was born in 1953. While Dianne was still very young, her parents embraced the hippie lifestyle and brought their young daughter with them to Wavy Gravy’s Hog Farm Commune in southern California. It was while living there that Dianne met Charles Manson at a party in Topanga Canyon. Charlie immediately took a liking to the auburn-haired beauty and it was not long before she became a permanent fixture on the black magic bus. she joined the Family with her parents permission. After spending some time with the group the dynamics between Manson and Lake seem to have changed and Manson seemed to have it out for Dianne, often beating her in front of others.

In October of 1969, Dianne was arrested with the family in the second Barker Ranch raid. In December, Lake broke her silence and she provided the District Attorney with loads of incriminating evidence against Manson and the family.

A year later, at age 17 and after being institutionalized, Lake found herself in front of Manson, this time in an L.A. courtroom, testifying against him.

Once the trial was over and first-degree murder convictions were returned against Manson, Lake tried to move forward with her life — marrying, raising three children and earning a master’s degree in education.

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2 thoughts on “Dianne Lake

  1. I guess it’s true
    like when you see a picture of Dianne and say
    some girls just have that angelic face
    just like Sandy Royal Blue
    It turned out Snake was a nickname for Dianne at Camp Spahn
    before that she and her parents lived at Hogs Farm
    Hogs wasn’t far away from yeah
    smoggy LA
    that was near goofy Tujunga by the San Gabriel Mountains
    in California
    Sadie was born in San Gabriel by the way
    the people at the Hog commune went over the line
    cause the open sex is not something you wanna see as you look around
    now then Dianne was living at whoa okay to Santa Susana way at Resort Spahn
    wouldn’t you know Dianne ended up doin’ just fine
    it’s really a wonder when you think of those head trips going through a kid’s mind
    I’ll tell you I’ve seen some back to nature people some called ’em hippies
    but they wanted to live simply and on their own
    they wouldn’t have liked what went on at some places like Hogs Farm
    cause it’s not all about just getting it on and getting high
    I spent a week at one and they were down to earth and their heads were okay
    that’s true of the ones I saw too they were real and didn’t live in a sleazy way
    the ones I saw anyway
    what a scene here and there back in the day
    I’m talking about the late 60’s sometimes it’s kinda hard to explain
    and The Beatles songs were about peace love and understanding
    you all know what I mean

  2. gaze ahead and you can see it easily
    as easy as one two three
    that hill there that’s such a natural way
    it’s Santa Susana Way

    here you are and you lay on soft emerald green grass
    what do you see on these hills
    is it all real and true
    it really won’t matter what came to pass
    it’s now you and you can drift away
    away dreaming so easily
    gaze on upward
    the white bird is flying in a musical note slowly up there
    and here Dianne and the Beatles’s soft brown hair
    lay back smiling drifting away
    now the Beatle is with you
    and he whispers softly…
    close your eyes and I’ll kiss you
    drifting and dreaming loves real way
    and he’ll now hold you
    and he’ll tell you
    yes he’ll whisper softly
    don’t you see
    our melodies were for girls like you
    and he said he whispered again
    don’t know our lyrics were words for you
    for you for you too
    my music is to tell you that real love is what’s true
    don’t you see I wrote those songs for girls like you
    like you in America and across the Seas
    for you too that’s you
    to say…
    we truly do
    and he said close your eyes…
    and he whispered…
    I love you

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