Spahn Movie Ranch Gallery

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Spahn Ranch, Los Angeles, California 1968-1969.


2 thoughts on “Spahn Movie Ranch Gallery

  1. There are so many images and words from Spahn way
    and some images seem to always stay
    but let’s look at some of what was cool and mellow there to be fair
    to the Spahner’s I say

    because some people judged those kids and said:

    that they couldn’t see the hills for the weed and the trees
    but can’t you all see
    they were young and they were free
    just hangin’ around laughing and walking
    skippin’ along
    there’s the stream and that sunshine
    and that natural breeze keeps them wondering and living
    can you see they had that time for dreamin’
    then what came around
    well we came from your society and your towns
    there they all were and now what’s done is gone
    and like you and time
    everyone yeah you and I had our own songs
    we have all done right and wrong
    and from now on…
    let’s move on

  2. Don’t you wish you were a Wild West Hero..?
    Now why in the world didn’t Charlie leave us a final statement?
    You know, why not, with Charlie saying, “look, it was really like this…”
    On the other hand maybe that’s among the items the brother left behind and it will be disclosed by whoever is granted the estate.
    This hearing is for May eight
    that’s in L.A.
    In courts it’s always hurry up and wait
    so let’s speculate cause you never wanna say never to…
    never mind
    As Charlie has said before at Spahn when some of you Spahners hung around
    you know who you are
    he said: don’t step in any horse sh-t podner.
    It’s interesting isn’t it all the good and bad our boy Charlie had done.
    But now isn’t it Charlie that’s doing the laughing?
    Isn’t old Charlie laughing and saying,
    I left you all a guessin’ and a wonderin’
    You all enjoy the arguin’ and I’m the one a grinnin’
    dig..? I’ll always be Charlie
    over here and over there
    from Spahn man, to Death Valley
    you still hear my singing

    don’t you wish you were a Wild West Hero
    I do

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