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Spahn Ranch, Los Angeles, California 1968-1969.


4 thoughts on “Spahn Movie Ranch Gallery

  1. There are so many images and words from Spahn way
    and some images seem to always stay
    but let’s look at some of what was cool and mellow there to be fair
    to the Spahner’s I say

    because some people judged those kids and said:

    that they couldn’t see the hills for the weed and the trees
    but can’t you all see
    they were young and they were free
    just hangin’ around laughing and walking
    skippin’ along
    there’s the stream and that sunshine
    and that natural breeze keeps them wondering and living
    can you see they had that time for dreamin’
    then what came around
    well we came from your society and your towns
    there they all were and now what’s done is gone
    and like you and time
    everyone yeah you and I had our own songs
    we have all done right and wrong
    and from now on…
    let’s move on

  2. Don’t you wish you were a Wild West Hero..?
    Now why in the world didn’t Charlie leave us a final statement?
    You know, why not, with Charlie saying, “look, it was really like this…”
    On the other hand maybe that’s among the items the brother left behind and it will be disclosed by whoever is granted the estate.
    This hearing is for May eight
    that’s in L.A.
    In courts it’s always hurry up and wait
    so let’s speculate cause you never wanna say never to…
    never mind
    As Charlie has said before at Spahn when some of you Spahners hung around
    you know who you are
    he said: don’t step in any horse sh-t podner.
    It’s interesting isn’t it all the good and bad our boy Charlie had done.
    But now isn’t it Charlie that’s doing the laughing?
    Isn’t old Charlie laughing and saying,
    I left you all a guessin’ and a wonderin’
    You all enjoy the arguin’ and I’m the one a grinnin’
    dig..? I’ll always be Charlie
    over here and over there
    from Spahn man, to Death Valley
    you still hear my singing

    don’t you wish you were a Wild West Hero
    I do

  3. hi did you see any of that new documentary titled-Inside the Manson Cult-The Lost Tapes- yeah, but, inside? Aren’t we looking at it from the outside? Aahh…lost tapes? If they’re lost, how come we’re looking at ’em? And something new in ’em? Like what? Some more footage of the gang at Planet Spahn? Look around, I said to myself and I leaned forward and squinted and watched and I searched the back of my mind (I know, you’re thinking… that’s a scary thought) to compare what’s there and what I’m seeing. There were a few statements by some Spahners but it was the same attitudes they had to some things. And, also, we see the same old Helter Skelter stuff and words like Cult and some of the ‘kids’, every other one looking like they’re in their 30’s, jumping and dancing around, just as in other videos and documentaries. And there’s creepy, dirty old Clem Grogan and Nancy Pitman swaying together like loose-limbed zombies and Clem grabbing Sandy from behind and groping her chest…come on…keep watching, there’s TJ Walleman with the bald head and the Chia Pet on his face, oh, it’s his beard. He’s sitting with Mary Brunner, Clem and Gypsy Share being interviewed and they said…whatever. It wasn’t long before most of ’em, the phony hippy ones, were singing different songs and distancing themselves from our three dears, Susan, Patricia and Leslie and our brother, later to be really wise, Charlie. But yes, I know, as most of you do, that they, the ones I mentioned above, aside from the four that went to prison, well, like Susan and Leslie, never killed anyone, though these two were guilty of crimes and deserved to serve time and so on.
    Dianne and Gypsy were interviewed for this show and there was footage from an interview or two, with Paul Watkins from long ago. And good guy Brooks Poston was with Paul there too. How come they didn’t even have Linda in the show? Or some more of the weasly guys that took off once there was no more free room and board, pot and sex at Spahn, well…you know…
    Susan liked soda pop and candy and she had a joint don’t you know. I had a lighter and so– This Is For Susan–“I keep climbing on rainbows but Sadie that’s how my mind goes”
    that’s something that was done to me done to my head-that was you and the 60’s
    “are dreams only for those who sleep- though life is for us to keep.” ( a little paraphrase and borrow from the band Bread, the song-Make It With You, from 1970, a moody, dreamy, beautiful song. Many people around America and the world say that god is forgiving so Sadie here goes

    1. Yeah saw it, lost tapes lol, they were sitting in Robert Hendrickson’s house all this time, so not so lost. They also had a picture of some of the girls. They said one of them was Ruth Ann Moorehouse which was clearly not Ruth. They (Naked TV, who produced this doc) contacted me for this documentary asking for my help to contact some of the Family members. I’m glad i didn’t respond, calling the tapes lost and claiming some girl to be Ruth, they had no business making this documentary. lol. Last year i helped another guy who made a doc about Manson locate Linda Kasabian and Danny DeCarlo. In exchange they would put my website on the credits but didn’t happen so i’m not to keen on helping these guys anyway.

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