Lynette Squeaky Fromme Today


12 thoughts on “Lynette Squeaky Fromme Today

  1. Recently, there is once a good Fromme but with a different spelling: Michael David Frum. Frum was shot dead and was a direct descendant of William Fromme (sic). Frum parished with Douglas Brady.

  2. This person was murdered Dec 1, 2014 along with Brady in a rampage by a jealous husband that killed these two, plus his wife, then killed himself. Frum was born in 1986 and both his parents last name spelled “Frum”. They lived in West Virginia. How is this related to William Millar Fromme – who was Lynette’s father, assuming that is what you were trying to say?
    Just curious.

  3. Don’t make any allowances for these demented women. They have empathy for plants and animals, but make allowances for their friends that butchered humans including a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Good once tried to justify it by calls no it war. Was it war on unarmed women and children? It was cowardly and demented. Stop making them out to be Dedicated environmentalists. It is a dodge to minimize their evil.

  4. I want to know how Sandy and Squeaky feel now, with Manson’s passing
    , That he denounced all his followers in his final “will”. There is a fight over his remains between his son Michael “Pooh” Valentine and his pen pal he left t
    His estate to. How do they feel knowing they spent their lives defending this lunatic when he just used them. And it was expressed to them before but now there is no denying how he really regarded them. Feel stupid yet?

  5. Because she didn’t necessarily want the picture taken, but when you’re her and at a medical appointment – its easier sometimes just to comply and get on with your instead of causing a scene simply by enacting your right to say “no.” But as we all know; no one in the “Manson family” is allowed rights like everyone else, are they?

  6. Nope, not a dodge. Sandra said that because that’s how she sees it. She didn’t participate in the murders right? So she can view them as she sees. It’s her point of view, just because you don’t understand her point of view on the murders doesn’t minimize or make their devotion to their planet, and the OTHER life on it, illegitimate.
    I care about animal life way more than human life. Does it bother you that I don’t think we are all that special, which means I don’t think you’re special? If forced to choose, I always go with love. I love my dog, so I would easily choose hers over yours. Call it evil all you want. Good and bad are dependent upon the beholder, so I just call it real.

  7. Well how do you feel making decisions and claims that aren’t factual, true or real except as bovine excrement? Charles had NO WILL. None. Not ONE registered with the prison. Nope. None. So, everything contained in it… novelty. Besides, that will wasn’t enough to win the Kern County decision, so it won’t do a thing now in LA. Charlie never expressed he used Sandy or Lyn. Charlie regularly stated his care and love for Lyn all the way to his passing. He stated his love for both of them until the last second. He asked me to see if she could visit two months before he passed. Federal parole stipulations cruelly did not permit that possibility. So what are talking about? I know you obviously have some twisted need to feel Charles rejected Red and Blue, but that’s not reality. I see your name is Jen, so I imagine you’re a female (hard to be sure these days). Is it because your jealous of the attention they got from Charlie as women? Are you one of those people that wanted him to be a daddy?

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