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Lynette Fromme Today

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5 thoughts on “Lynette Squeaky Fromme Today

  1. Recently, there is once a good Fromme but with a different spelling: Michael David Frum. Frum was shot dead and was a direct descendant of William Fromme (sic). Frum parished with Douglas Brady.

  2. This person was murdered Dec 1, 2014 along with Brady in a rampage by a jealous husband that killed these two, plus his wife, then killed himself. Frum was born in 1986 and both his parents last name spelled “Frum”. They lived in West Virginia. How is this related to William Millar Fromme – who was Lynette’s father, assuming that is what you were trying to say?
    Just curious.

  3. Lynette Fromme wants a clean earth, clean air and water, as does Sandra.
    Sandra Good is in a garden with beautiful flowers, and also, other plants.
    Sandra and Lynette were part of establishing ATWA.
    That would be Air, Trees, Water and Animals.
    This is also referred to as:
    All The Way Alive.

    There are people that deride, make fun of these two, and others for the
    work in this ‘movement,’ so to speak.
    Well, the goals of ATWA are obvious, and so, what’s wrong with that?
    If Lynette and Sandra are in such a good cause, what’s wrong with that?

    why in the world would anyone object to keeping the natural world out there
    clean and healthy for all to use
    for to be for helping the environment is to be involved in truths
    Do something positive contribute the mantra is often told
    okay cool sounds Good
    so something to save nature around the world
    and you can see where Lynette is coming Fromme
    and you can see that there really isn’t any reason for hate
    and now can you dig it can you relate

  4. Don’t make any allowances for these demented women. They have empathy for plants and animals, but make allowances for their friends that butchered humans including a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Good once tried to justify it by calls no it war. Was it war on unarmed women and children? It was cowardly and demented. Stop making them out to be Dedicated environmentalists. It is a dodge to minimize their evil.

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