Lynette Squeaky Fromme Today


lynette fromme

Lynette Fromme Today

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2 thoughts on “Lynette Squeaky Fromme Today

  1. Recently, there is once a good Fromme but with a different spelling: Michael David Frum. Frum was shot dead and was a direct descendant of William Fromme (sic). Frum parished with Douglas Brady.

  2. This person was murdered Dec 1, 2014 along with Brady in a rampage by a jealous husband that killed these two, plus his wife, then killed himself. Frum was born in 1986 and both his parents last name spelled “Frum”. They lived in West Virginia. How is this related to William Millar Fromme – who was Lynette’s father, assuming that is what you were trying to say?
    Just curious.

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