Nancy Pitman Today

Find out where she lives today


3 thoughts on “Nancy Pitman Today

  1. I was lookin’ round and then I spotted a picture or six of a familiar face
    well, boy, I said it’s Brenda cause you know she was also known as Nancy
    she seems to be doing well
    and why not I mean, what the hell
    but you know I couldn’t help but laugh
    when I looked at the dressed Nancy in that photograph
    is that a fella and are they holding a glass of wine
    well I’ll be darned
    I gotta tell ya I really got a good laugh myself
    after all you know all the way from that Spahn humble dusty ground
    to wearing fancy clothes drinking wine
    no doubt a good citizen maybe goes to fine dining
    but please can it be that they even go golfing
    come on man…that’s just carrying it too far
    you know what I’m saying
    but I appreciate the covers here and
    as I’m sure do others
    wish that all former Spahners do well for themselves
    still I don’t know about knit short sleeve shirts and golf
    come on now well at least some of us don’t
    but well hell I’m still laughing
    from Spahning to cocktails and kinda upper ‘classing’
    enjoy the humor and fun as we look of those whacky
    fun loving kids from brother Charlie’s club back in the sixties

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