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Sandra Good Profile Page


14 thoughts on “Sandra Good Today

  1. That is one creepy woman. I don’t care if the Manson happenings were fifty years ago, Sandra was arrested countless times for harassment and threats years later. Now she fancies herself as having been some peace loving hippie. Yea, right.

  2. Hi, I do not know if you will get this Blue but just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and Red, and if you do get this please let Squeaky know too that a guy in the United Kingdom is thinking of you two and wishing and hoping Charlie pulls through.All the peace and love to you all.Charlie is a Prophet of the 20/21 st Century Man’sSon. Many Blessings John X

  3. I hope sandys doing well. I like her. She seems nice nice. even thought she looked like a fox with short hair in “manson” lol

  4. RXSTR. Yes thank you for. Confirming my identity. I don’t hide from anyone and have an actual life and career. I don’t appreciate you trolling my personal FB Page and stealing pictures off of it for what I couldn’t possibly understand. What most of you don’t understand is that genetics have no roll in who you become as a person. I have spent my life around wonderful people and have become a respected person in my community. It’s assholes like you that undermine my life by putting the name Manson before my own. He was a life long criminal who did some terrible shit. I have not. I find people who troll these sites lacking in any sort of legitimacy in their own lives and it make them feel better to bash people they actually no nothing about because you all make it all about the bad. What about the good lots of these people have done. Even some in prison. And dumb or insane they are not. I have never been a fan of Manson, but things he said to some people over the years having nothing to do with murder or hatred have had lasting effects on them. It’s why he still has a fan base. The next time you drive passed an accident, don’t look at the blood and carnage. Look at the people who are there helping them. Basically balance your life by focusing on positive things instead of hatred and evil promoted my people who run these sites. They aren’t making any money off of it because who would advertise? It’s a sick unhealthy preoccupation. You are officially given notice that my intellectual property is off limits to you RXSTR. I find an image of my family again I will track your IP addesss to you and you will meet one of my lawyers. Have a blessed day.

  5. Ivan.

    1. Language please. I have never insulted you or your mother and i would appreciate it if you don’t insult me or the visitors of this website. Nor have i ever written anything bad about you or your mother.

    2. I have never visited your Facebook page and i don’t intend to. If it’s about the photo that George has asked me about you should contact George’s friends over at that blog where George writes pieces for. That’s where that photo originated.

    3. As i stated in our email exchange I’m happy to delete any images or text you or your mother are offended by. Just shoot me a message.

    4. Just for fun: you can’t track my IP, i use a VPN. However, You have my email, feel free to have your lawyer contact me.

    5. Have a nice day.

  6. Thanks RXSTR,
    I appreciate the professional and courteous response. Of course the language thing is an issue for me since I am not the one who runs a blog where people make up stuff about people I know. I would like the picture of me, George, Sandy taken off. I prefer that the few pictures I have with a sandy are personal. She did not raise me but I stay in touch with her and we have visited a few times. That is my life. Not these peoples. My picture is mine and Sandy and a George do what they do. Also even though you blurred out the faces that is my completely innocent and respected family and we are in my home. If people want to find me they can find me at my restaurant most days. They don’t need to find me under this heading. I really hope you understand this. I have only contacted two websites about this. The other one LSB something comes up every time I google myself. I deserve respect for my career and accomplishments not for being a choice less baby of the Manson Family. And don’t think I was adopted by some rich family. I worked my ass off!! Since I guarantee no one else has the balls to surface out of the dark, I would appreciate the respect of my privacy in this matter.

    Thank you

    The Chef

  7. I deleted the picture and i will make sure no more pictures of you will be posted on the website. I understand your frustration about being associated with the Manson family as you are a innocent bystander so to speak.

  8. Sandra good is one sick lady saying Charlie did things she has not seen before well when you are taking acid trips like crazy you believe anything you see you are a psychopath

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