Sandra Good Today


3 thoughts on “Sandra Good Today

  1. I remember that day when a fella said,, hey they’re landing on the moon today. I looked at him and asked, why? (that week I met cute smile Sadie) Since then I’ve been looking up and saying, The moons a balloon for shining, for wistful gazing and sighing. Then it became July 20 again and I’m saying yet again, why and who cares. I got some rocks I can sell ya for a cup of coffee. On the moon? Why don’t the crooks in D.C. solve some problems here on this planet? And there’s more, and more importantly, Sandy the always alluringly pretty lady, was born on July 20th! Well, how about that I say, eh? And there’s even more. Sandy contributes to saving our natural
    lands, and so, that’s what I mean, it’s Blue’s birthday, so sing it now,…
    take it away kids,
    On the count of five…
    What’s that mellow tuneful sound where in this melody are you and ah, oh my oh my, Sandy is the melody playing around and around don’t you just love that sound ooh aah aah
    and I feel I’m a fainting and now you hear it
    ah now you feel it lemme see it in your eyes
    ah now Sandy
    you may as well tell cupid to run right past me
    won’t you do it won’t you see it
    why won’t you spread your smile to where I’m standing
    you’re keeping me sighing
    I’m feeling like a low down has been hero
    there’s no girl quite as cute as you
    I showed your picture to a rock star I knew and he said, brother that’s true
    we have a dream and the colors are Red and Blue
    and all the young girls all the young all American girls with poetry and stars in their eyes
    we’re living in an easy never ending dream
    drifting away the girls said when I saw Susana Way
    happy birthday Blue your always natural and true
    the words are whispering happy birthday in your sunshine and in the rain
    up there the sky’s saying Sandy, me too for you and me
    we’re nature’s natural blue
    can you all say it can you feel it can you say it…softly,
    ooh aah ooh

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