Danny Decarlo Today

Danny Decarlo Today

A recent picture of Straight Satan Danny Decarlo.

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11 thoughts on “Danny Decarlo Today

  1. What a ‘winner’ DeCarlo was and is, if the bum is is still alive.
    Another ‘family’ member hanging around Spahn, and like most of the other ‘kids’ at that ranch, the minute the law showed up, he ‘sang’ and was now the gangs enemy.
    Paul Watkins said that this asshole had left a wife and child to live there and he was a gun nut. And that Decarlo and Charlie beat Decarlo’s wife once. One more thing: notice that all of these ‘sleazes’ though some weren’t cowards, are seen smiling and having a good time when interviewed ( see stupid ‘Simi’ Sherry) and pics taken in later years. They could give a rat’s ass about the poor murder victims or of the Spahn Manson Family.
    Good work Charlie, Susan, Leslie, Patricia, Sandra and Lynne- these assholes you let screw you( the girls that is) and you cooked for, are out their having fun while you lost your freedom, and, basically, your life.
    Anyhoo, I have just completed a book which deals with the 60’s and a good part of it is the Manson situation- the crimes, trials and so on.

  2. He was the gun guy for sure! George Spahn and my Dad were friends during the war.I was attending a photography seminar and establishing residency for tuition free Calif. college coming from Boston. My Dad asked George to find lodging which he did about a 10 minute walk in a camper on a friend who collected the horse manure from Spahn.I used the corral payphone which had incoming. I was 20 yrs old and loved Ca. I was in Chatsworth, from Feb to June.1969. George tipped me off early to be careful of the girls who might bum rides to go shoplifting but not telling me that’s their goal. He never mentioned Charley.I still have the old revolver ,bullets,&’Spahn ranch’ pocket holster that George sold me for $7. I took photos of the riders and on top of the hill behind the ranch. I was careful of any photography near the family. George had told Squeeky my Dad was a Cop ‘back east’ and I didn’t want them to think I am a Narc. I didn’t smoke weed but the drug MDA was given to me by a fellow student. It was in a capsule and was told it’s truth serum. I recently found out Shorty Shea had been murdered. He had a Boston accent like me and he hated Manson. I was surprised how articulate many of the girls were. I heard guns going off away behind the ranch but figured someone was shooting rattlesnakes or rodents.It could have been DeCarlo. I don’t remember ANY decent dune buggys. Bruce Davis had stolen and fake ID for sale.He gave me a 1947 draft reg.card to buy beer along with a college ID. In 1969 about half the states had no-photo Driver Lic. Also most states did not require car insurance. I had my Maine tags mailed to me after I bought a 1957 Century from my landlord. The Ca tag stayed with vehicle sale but you had to have insurance but Maine didn’t. I think George liked the cheap help and attention but he was scared and knew he was getting ripped off on rides receipts. I left Chatsworth on June 23,1969. I remember Judy Garland died in London and it was all over LA. The ranch burned down in 1971? George Spahn died in 1974. My Dad said I would never get a job if I mentioned my 5 month experience as a neighbor of the Family and knowing George. It was an otherworldly era. Just all the hitchhikers would be unheard of. You could buy a gun in a Ca gunship by signing a book without ID. I heard a church was built about where I stayed near Spahn. I will share my photos but not much family and none of Manson.

      1. Hi. I will have my niece dig them out. My late wife was a schoolteacher who did not want me to talk about my experiences in Chatsworth which were very benign..I also bought a 1940’s Bell & Howell 8 mm. off George with 100′ film B&W ctg .George was nearly blind and 80 yrs old in 1969. He had quite a few grown children. I filmed what was the old stagecoach rd. I tried selling one to the news during Manson’s trial in late 1970 for xmas $ to WNAC in Boston. My niece loves this stuff.She showed me what it looks like today….Wow!. If it wasnt for the high ground i couldnt orient myself plus the area looks so deserted. There was far more activity in 1969 particularly the hitchhikers. There were hitch hikers everywhere. There was a brook and a spring my landlord used for her horseshit manure garden. Anyway let me see what she can find. Bad knees prevent me from going to the attic.

    1. Danny is in Hawaii on the Big Island. i met him when i was 9-10 years old. 1986 and 1987. He portrayed himself as a community do gooder. He organized boy and girl scouts. He made the whole community trust him with their kids. eventually one by one each kid came fourth and told their parents he was touching us inappropriately. By the time the parents all got together and went to his house he was gone. recently i found out he is back on the Big island in the Puna district again.. how Dare Him!! i still can’t believe he was party of the Manson family!! so scary!!! i hope one day he gets what he deserves.

      1. Very interesting story. I was recently contacted by a woman from Pahoa with a similar story. She also knew Danny’s daughter Gina. Danny seems to have a thing for young girls. I heard Danny moved back from California to Hawaii in 2006. His PO Box address is in Pahoa. If you spot him try to take a picture and sent it over so we can share it with our readers.

  3. Hi Jason! Your story is fascinating !!
    I would also love to see your pix of
    The ranch. Do you specifically remember
    Charlie? Tex? Any of the other killers
    Or well know family members or family hangers on? I find this story particularly
    Interesting. I have s friend in LA, and I visit
    Occasionally. She lives off of Los Feliz Blvd
    less than a mile from the Labianca home.
    I have been to the site of the former Spahn movie ranch, the site of the former
    Tate home, and dined at the infamous
    “El Coyote” Mexican Restaurant, where
    Tate, Sebring, Folger and Frykowski dined
    Hours before their murder. I believe there is so much more to this story than what we have been told over the decades, and
    I hope it comes to light before all of the principals are deceased. I enjoyed your
    Story, and would love to see your photos
    If you are able to locate them.

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