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  1. Sadie’s Got Nothing On You Babes
    What do ya say to that future funny super star girl from that ground by that tree
    and you know that big old rock whoa it’s a big old boulder
    now it was by my shoulder
    she couldnta pulled me down and in if I coulda wished any sooner
    talk about a girl that looked and right away her eyes said I know ya
    right around rollin’ round where has it gone
    don’t the same land stay there that weird Chatsworth town
    it’s gotta be there still even though they say
    but hey man the earth goes around and around
    and some of us are still standing
    well…who was that brunette that looked right through me
    you know that didn’t happen only to me you all have lived you know my meanin’
    why didn’t she tell me
    why didn’t she say
    ooh whoo whoo you’ll see me in color and on tv
    like a star too you’ll see me all over
    I woulda said I already did cute girl
    yeah you’ll see who I am those years in later pictures in color
    well who’s that girl that looks so familiar
    now I knew and a coupla people at a table in that bakery coffee shop saw my eyes and heart fall to the floor
    musta thought I was crazy and thought what’s the matter with you boy sitting over there your eyes looking nowhere
    well she’s the girl from way back in ’69
    well from when the earth was turning at that point in time way back then
    guess what I and a million and more heard and keep on hearing…
    they said and they keep saying…
    Sadie was wild and loose and sexing on and again and being crazy
    I guess come on, hey hey, they don’t wanna really see what they’re really seeing
    In L..A. in California in America
    but they know the real happenings in this society’s sleazy on and off screens and scenes and how so many are actin’ in their daily livin’
    well I got something to say to you and you and to you
    models singers actresses in the 50’s too and on
    into the 60’s swinging 60’s yeah and boy wait’ll you all read about yours truly’s (me) adventures from then into to the 70’s
    I tell ya and I tell this to the ladies I mentioned the third line just above
    -Sadie’s got nothing on you babes-
    hell…Sadie’s got nothing on me
    Sadie had nothing on you babes then and now in the 2000’s
    phony people want it both ways
    are their eyes glazed or just their heads
    makes me think the hippies were the ones that were authentic
    well I’m laughing when I think of telling Sadie about my falling from hash her wonderful full laugh
    and…I wish I could go back and say keep that honest wide smile and let’s go just you and me and be…

  2. hello there seems to be a lot of yackking about the events and in 1969 all over the computer screens and so we should maybe look back at somethings in that year that some, actually most people, don’t seem to have gotten, you know, like,
    at the trial that was held at that boring, lousy color schemed walls in the hallways of the building on Temple and Broadway in the city of weirdness…they called it the “Hall of Justice.” Yeah, I’m laughing too.
    See, here on the sidewalk outside, at the end of the trial where those zany four were found rather less than innocent, and Susan was railroaded, some of the gang from Susana way sat and reporters asked, well, whatddaya think?
    Smooth, pink, cute face Sandy said, “you’re all nuts!” Dig it! How can you argue with that?
    During that whacky trial, at one of the fun points, cute nose wrinkle, walks like a supermodel, Sadie Susan demanded, “I have 21 witnesses…I wanna call ’em” to the stand. Well, heck ya! You bet, how can you argue with that?
    So I say, “call the snitches and let ’em have it, babe!” By the way, nice voice Susan!
    At another enjoyable point during the trial, good man Irving Kanarek, brother Charlie’s attorney said, demanded, hell yeah, he should, during one of his motions for a mis-trial (as if the whole trial wasn’t a mistrial to begin with) and/or to release colorful shirts and changing hairstyles brother Charlie, because: Charlie was “illegally seized evidence!” Can you dig it…that Charlie himself was evidence, illegally seized, arrested! Well, yeah, we don’t need no law degree to see that. Charlie was arrested on hearsay and for suspicion of some petty thefts out in scenic, desert Ranch Barker.
    Nine months of the trial, which was basically the prosecution talking…okay…ho hum…we get the silly tales Bugs and your fellow spinners keep on about. Another pot of coffee and remind us not to bother with a career in the law racket…I mean profession. Are you thinking what I’m thinking: all the judge hadda do was aside from another Order by his Honor judge Holder… is to tell Charlie, “Go, just don’t do no more law breaking. No more Spahn and get a damn job!”
    And, maybe some advice for the three girls, well, maybe some advice for Susan Sadie,
    “No more topless Go Go dancing, well, some dancing, but only with some nice guy, like that Faye…whatever his name is…okay?”

    I tell ya, I’m glad that my parents added a Z to my name, or I may have been in that song by Johnny Cash.

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