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3 thoughts on “Catherine Gillies Today

  1. She wanted to kill some pigs august 1969..but Manson said no…all these punks blame manson like they were forced to commit murder..they were already into the mindset…of us vs them routine….all these scum should be dead…

  2. hello
    you know as I remember it was Catherine Gillies
    with that uniquely open cute face
    that went to Spahn Ranch in the summer 1968
    then she looked around and said I can dig this
    yeah she heard brother Charlie joking and talking
    and she said I’m staying
    well then she heard more
    cause Charlie said we gotta move what with the harassment from the law
    you know that ain’t cool at all
    well Catherine proudly said
    hey I know a place
    my grandma owned a ranch
    in Death Valley the one called Myers
    well the old lady that owned it now they said
    was Arlene Barker
    so the kids and Charlie
    were there by the end of September
    well some of us read and asked people things and I just can’t figure out Catherine
    I’ll just keep trying
    but does it matter cause whether it was the luxury at Club Spahn
    or Barker Ranch out in that hot desert
    ah well some angry people from the law
    ah well were gonna come a knockin’
    ah if you know what I’m meanin’
    well Catherine look how Charlie and his Clem Davis and Tex thugs were still committing crimes
    just how smart do ya think they are dear sister
    well soon Kitty and Sadie were having having coffee and chats with
    well sorry it was with guys and gals wearing suits and badges
    well at least we had our fun and trippin’ at the Spahn Ranch
    screw the desert
    ah well girl hope you’re well
    what are ya gonna do time waits for no one

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