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2 thoughts on “Leslie van Houten Gallery

  1. But a Golden Girl
    soon realized that they tricked her
    it was the kiss of prison
    from Spahn’s bullshitters
    Pretty girls beware of these types of fools
    weird words they will pour in your ear
    and say what they thought you’d wanna hear
    then they’ll draw you in
    but don’t even listen
    it’s the kisses of the end
    from Spahn slacking bullshitters
    their hearts were cold
    and now we see it
    can you dig it

  2. Who’s old enough to read some words you’d know sarcasm and humor
    and, like…not everything with the girls was a ‘bummer.’ (hip 60’s word)
    so don’t bother me
    Susan- “like…ice cream blows my mind” Sadie- was not invited to one of the years
    physics convention/symposiums to give one of the main lectures on Quantum Mechanics and, you know, the ‘unified field theory. ‘
    What’s up with that?
    Oh, well, what are you gonna do, she was busy eating candy and getting by and high.
    Leslie was a fine middle class girl then the 60’s deluge came with drugs, ‘hipness,’ and she was, basically, her mind and attitude, that is, of an ‘open book.’
    She ‘dropped out’ and found kids to belong and play with just like in third grade during recess. Or in the park, only we were now teenagers but still like that, fun and cool, with our peers, together.
    Leslie was not consulted about the trajectory of Middle English or Latin in language/linguistic history. Or even about the evolution of economic theory, micro or macro and the division between labor and capital.
    What’s up with that?
    Ah, but the ‘stars in the pretty eyes’ of Leslie had you listen, when she talked of fairies in the woods.
    How in the world would a Judge accept that the girls on trial with Charlie “pass the acid (LSD) now Paul (Watkins) and y’all undress now” Manson were competent to stand trial?
    They simply were not. It’s beyond practical reason and ridiculous that the court allowed that. The girls needed a ‘time out,’ so to speak, to be gathered with counseling and so on. So did brother Charlie, at least if you tell him, hey, it will probably mitigate some a your guilt and sentencing and you can play your guitar.
    The trial was a comedy of errors and ending in unfairness.
    By the way, their was no prosecution brilliance. They had witnesses and fingerprints.
    If Susan and Leslie, being delusional and in a sort of ‘foggy cloud living’ mindset for some time, were not at Cielo and Waverly Drives, the same crimes would have occurred.
    Guilty of one or two murders, they could rightly have been charged with, but not to be singled out as is very rarely-very rarely- done to others, others that have actually, by their hand directly killed one or two people.
    And the girls never planned violent crimes. hey now…just look at them when they were first interviewed, don’t you see it in their eyes. Reality didn’t set in till the years ’69 and 70′ told them goodbye girls, look at your reality and to the cold light of day
    and where you were really at before and look ahead at what may lay in your lives…

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