Leslie van Houten Today


3 thoughts on “Leslie van Houten Today

  1. Hi all,
    I gotta say, that, if people these days knew the mentality of many of the teens and some in their twenties, in the late 60’s, they would have a better understanding of a girl such as Leslie.
    She had no intention of hurting anyone. However, the circumstances of the day, that is, those ‘hip’ movements, shall we say, really had a uniqueness that you had to have been there to see.
    I was.
    So many kids searching for something, as in, to believe in that they thought was a ‘new, enlightening way,’ and was cool.
    So, some of them found a play land with kids in their general age group and so, you had a ‘group mentality’ to live by and with.
    Enter Charlie Manson and his cleverness at what was happening in 1967 and on.
    Pot, acid, Charlie the ‘wise knows what’s happening’ guru type guy and the peer group over at Spahn ranch and, boy, was Leslie impressed!
    It’s a longer story but Leslie was not of her normal mind, and, I say, she really didn’t kill anyone. Yes, she should have been charged with a murder, but not to the extent of serving 46 years and counting.
    I saw so many of my fellow teens in the late 60’s and spent time with some.
    That was in Colorado, New Mexico and California.
    The three ‘Manson girls’ I talked with were friendly and happy and open. That was in Chatsworth, July, 1969.
    Susan Atkins and I were together for a while
    Had she not been high and led by Charlie and Tex, she would not have been involved in crimes. But these two guys said come on and do it and so on.
    That should also show you what the of state society was and the falling and failing family situation that has been eroding since the 50’s and had gotten even worse as you look around.
    Can you dig what I’m saying?
    Thanks for listening.

  2. Hello there at:
    the California Supreme Court
    the California Prison System
    Guv Jerry Brown (we’ve met before, years ago, in Denver at an indoor flea market)

    Tell me
    why’s Leslie still in jail
    why’s she a special case for punishment
    when… a thousand ‘lifers’ are released every coupla years
    just you all look at your own files in the prisons check the numbers
    with cons paroled and freed after 18, some at a little over 20 or 30 years
    what gives
    Tell me
    I wanna know
    won’t you help me and think it through for 1 or 2 minutes and you will see
    and you will agree
    the scales of justice say equal treatment is to let her go free
    yeah many of those lifers being released were convicted of 1 or more murders
    and I say
    tell me
    where’s the fairness in denying Leslie what’s given to so many
    you know were saying what else does she hafta do she’s done what the system says to
    now would everybody in California listen and ask Guv Jerry
    come on now let the parole boards ruling/decision just stand
    Leslie has shown remorse you know you gotta understand
    that would be and I’ve studied it all really carefully
    you read where I said the scales of justice
    take a look and see that they show even across the picture there
    that shows…? not special hate and punishment for people like honest Leslie…
    are you with me there’s common sense and have the guts to say I see brother
    we keep thinking and wondering they gotta quit hating and denying
    so I’m asking along with a lot of other’s everywhere
    tell me
    why’s Leslie still in jail

  3. Fayez: she’s still in jail because she is a murderous fiend that won’t accept responsibility for the heinous acts she committed.

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