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5 thoughts on “Lynette Fromme Gallery

  1. Yes, you’re right – she is just like the large, majestic and powerful water bird known as the loon suffering at the destruction of its toxic environment. She adores birds and would love being called so.

  2. Red Wolf, are you personally acquainted with Ms. Fromme? I’m very interested in sending her a letter, but don’t know how to do so. ☺

  3. I went to the road by Spahn Ranch years ago and the girl with me said as she held the steering wheel: “get in the car Fayez…” There were two girls that were standing there looking at the field over there. I started to ask them if they knew about that place and they shook their heads at me before I could say more than “I…” “don’t ask,” one of them said, then they walked away. It was dark and they turned as they were getting in their car and one waved at me and the other one smiled. I felt weird and my feet moved and crunched on the small stones and I just stared. The girl in the car said, “get in the car Fayez…I told you not to go out in the dark here. Who are they…” I said I don’t know. In 2007.

    Won’t somebody tell me if they’d seen… won’t ya tell me if Lynette has come back
    if she flew to today’s 2018 California’s lands and maybe walked again on Susana fields
    we’re wishing
    she’d see it’s still sunny here cause I saw some flowers and one was white and one was Red
    I’m wishing
    then I said Lynette isn’t in California she wrote a book that’s out Now instead
    oh oh Lynny won’t ya come home the trees and that hill are still here
    you can skip and gaze around just like before only with slower melodies from the hills and all these trees as they hum and whisper
    come on Lynette won’t you tell me…
    what’s that song floating through those trees
    Sandy’s always smilin’
    and we’re wishing
    Lynette’s got a book that’s out now and maybe you’ll have a read and understand
    at least look at Lynny’s smile there’s something a smart girl really knows
    won’t you tell me if you listen in Spahn’s meadow and can you hear
    what’s that humming song whispering through those trees
    songs livin’ through all the years…won’t ya…you’r wishing…

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