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One thought on “Patricia Krenwinkel Gallery

  1. if you looked were you there
    you’d see the stairs and a courtroom door that away
    you’d guess right if you said that’s where brother Charlie would be walkin’
    and hey sometimes even a struttin’
    look closer and you’d be seeing
    is that an ascot grinnin’ Charlie’s wearin’
    yesterday it was a suit jacket a dark blue color
    who you all a kiddin’
    yeah now brother Charlie is that a scarf too your showing
    Charlie is really sophisticatin’
    did you notice lush hair Patricia Katie’s shiny dress
    what about that sound waving round in the air
    it’s our three girls whoo whoo ah yeah
    our three singing Spahner Babes
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The Spahny Babes
    The Sweety Spahnies how ’bout that
    they’re singing smiling happily walking down that hallway
    is that a glamorous fashion models walkway like in Paris you may wanna say
    way way
    whoa they’re wearin’ shiny dresses with Sadie’s fancy across the breast blue one
    we hope you’re having fun cause you know everyone in the hallway was smiling
    sing away the Spahner Babes are wailin’ away
    It’s Silly Susan Sadie
    It’s Sparklin’ eyes Lulu Leslie
    It’s beamin’ Cinnamon hair Patricia Katie
    some of the gang from Santa Susana are waving and smiling to our girls as they…
    approach the courtroom door… and,
    oh no don’t tell me
    it’s the trial of the silly
    the trial of this society
    the trial of the American Century
    why didn’t the Beatles call
    it’s the trial of making some people money
    oh well that ends the summer of ’70 and there were some happy people
    another day another year dear Spahny Dears go ahead you three girls can really sing you sound sweet when you sing those brother Charlie tunes
    and didn’t the Beatles say
    maybe in a different way
    welcome to another Tragical History Tour
    our music will take you away…

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