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  1. I’ll send you a gift
    What happened to The Beatles we used to know that day they were walkin’
    and smoking (Winston) filter gigs (Paul) along Abbey Road I think you need to know
    it was on August…yeah…Friday August the…eighth
    by the time the Lads has a cup a tea or Scotch later that evening on that day:
    an automobile made in Detroit with the word Ford on the front was about to leave and soon,…cross Susana Road
    yet still we’re all led back to those Long And Winding Roads
    that long, winding Lynette and friends bus trip that would lead to :
    George Spahn’s door
    along came cute Dianne and ‘brother’ Paul “I stayed for free coffee and sex” Watkins
    from Spiraling in grubby old Topanga
    We have a free life free love living Spahn songs
    till the day the Beatles ran a comb across their heads and walked along Abbey Road
    only hours later it was the beginning of the end for the good life along Susana Road
    why did they cross that long wide red line
    what’d they think this really was was what’s happenin’? are you kiddin’?
    from the ending of July ’69 it was now the ending of it all
    and…now we are here
    and now it’s another long winding road like the sad evening smooth round yellow sun taking a slow dive down into the Pacific Ocean
    where did we go wrong
    there were days when you sat alone and many times we cried
    anyway who will ever know the many ways Sandy and Lynette tried to tell the other side
    yet still here we are and here’s a song/music you’ll like if you listen as you close your eyes
    if you go to youtube and put in–Beatles photos at Ringos house 1967–
    you will hear a sweetness and a sentimental sound/music/feeling- (for you Lynette and Sandy)
    sort of the old sweet/happy times and then that other sad winding road feeling-

    if anyone can tell me what the name of that song is or the artist/musician, I will send you a gift. I can’t seem to find out. I tried, but the uploader didn’t identify it or respond to my email

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