Charles Mansons Children

“They are all my children” cult-leader Charles Manson was heard saying during his trial. He was referring to all his devoted followers, making no distinction between his birth children and his worshipers.

All relationships on Spahn Ranch were polygamous. Because child birth was performed with no physician or midwife, it is hard to know how many children Manson fathered. Scroll down to learn about his known children.

Charles Milles Manson Jr

1. Charles Milles Manson Jr
Charles Milles Manson Jr changed his name to Charles Jay White. committed suicide in 1993.
Born: 10 Apr 1956
Died: June 29, 1993
Charles Milles Manson Jr committed suicide in 1993
Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head
Public Records: Charles Milles Manson Jr Public Records
Children: Jason Freeman (grandson of Charles Manson)
Mother: Rosalie Jean Willis

Mary Brunner with son Michael Pooh Bear
Michael G Brunner

2. Michael G Brunner
The son of Charles Manson and Mary Brunner. Born in 1968, Valentine Michael Manson was nicknamed Pooh Bear. He sees his father as an evil person and is very grateful to have been raised by his grandparents in Wisconsin.
Birth name: Valentine Michael Manson
Born: April 15, 1968
Whereabouts: Redacted
Mother: Mary Brunner
Recent Picture: Michael Pooh Bear Brunner Today

3. Charles Luther Manson
Charles Luther Manson changed his name to Jay Charles Warner.
No pictures available. Not much is known about Charles Luther Manson except date of birth and date of death.
Born: 24 Sep 1960
Died: 19 Feb 2007
Public Records: Charles Luther Manson Public Records
Mother: Leona “Candy” Stevens

Matthew Roberts

4. Matthew Roberts
Alleged son of Charles Manson however DNA test came back negative. Roberts twice tried to get a DNA match with genetic material from Charles Manson, but the samples were contaminated. CNN compared Matthew Roberts DNA with that of Charles Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman and the conclusion was that Roberts is not related to Manson.

Charles Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman, provides a DNA sample to determine if Matthew Roberts is related to Manson
Charles Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, provides a DNA sample to determine if Matthew Roberts is also related to Manson

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2 thoughts on “Charles Mansons Children

  1. Sandy. Trying to find you, would like to be friends. I’m 57, in California, near long beach, I am interested in your philosophy. You can e-mail me Thank you! Hope you are well. Blue always has been my favourite colour. 🙂

  2. You should remove Mathew Roberts as an alleged son since there was a full on DNA test which was NOT contaminated and proved no relation what so ever to Charles Manson. A well known author paid for this test personally and went on record telling the findings. Marlin Marynick worked together with Charles Manson on the book entitled “Charles Manson: NOW” 2010. He also happens to be a psychiatric nurse as well, safe to say that he has no reason to lie thus the word alleged needn’t even be used anymore seeing a completely conclusive DNA test was completed and the only one saying that it was inconclusive is Mr Roberts himself in interviews which makes him a blatant liar who knows the truth but is too embarrassed to admit it, plus he does not mind the attention contrary to what he claims. He is in a major denial.

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