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  1. Leslie Van Houten was coming up for a September 6 parole hearing

    at times as the years passed we would ask where oh where have you gone
    oh where attractive Catherine
    then I heard hey it’s another separate hearing happening

    this was on August thirty one it was about the ‘Tex Tapes’ Leslie’s attorney was after
    well his honor said I’ll read ’em and decide later
    I said oh then I looked and said hey Catherine’s there
    why look at that she’s testifying on Leslie’s behalf
    beautiful smile curvy Catherine is there she really does care
    Catherine has principles
    what a girl what a sport
    and I say
    hey D.A.’ s turn the tapes over
    or do you have things to hide and things to cover
    release them and later I’m saying California release Leslie
    that’s what the law says
    it’s really about facts and common sense

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