Ruth Ann Moorehouse

Name: Ruth Ann Moorehouse
Date of birth: May 1952
Ruth was not born on January 6, 1951 as most websites claim. As seen in the mug shot above Ruth gave a false name AND false birth-date to the police.
Proof: # 1 & # 2
AKA: Ouisch, Rachel Susan Morse, Ruth Ann Smith,
Ruth Ann Heuvelhorst
Father: Deane Moorehouse aka Baba. Photo: 1 , 2 , 3
First Husband: Edward Heuvelhorst Obituary and Photo
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: 1 Daughter, 2 Sons,
Several Grandchildren
Whereabouts: Minnesota
Ruth Ann lives under her marital name [3rd Husband]
Archive: Ruth Ann Moorehouse
Recent Pictures: Censored for privacy reasons
Image Gallery: Ruth Ann Moorehouse Gallery

Ruth Ann Moorehouse, also known as Ouisch, was a member of the Manson family. She met Manson for the first time when her father, Deane Moorehouse, a former minister, picked up three hitchhikers, Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme and Mary Brunner and brought them home.

Manson immediately took a liking to young Ruth. Manson hatched a plan to get Ruth alone. The next day Manson picked up Ruth not too far from her home. They drove to Mendocino, went to the beach and had sex in Manson’s van. While Manson and Ruth were at Mendocino Ruth’s parents had reported her as a runaway. The cops found them. Manson tried to dissuade the cops not to take Ruth and Manson was subsequently booked for interfering with an arrest.

Manson desperately wanted Ruth to join the “Family” but because of Ruth’s young age Manson recognized the potential trouble he would get if he took her with him. Manson told Ruth she could come with him if she was married and was “her own woman”. In May 1968, then 16-year-old Ruth married [marriage index] a 23-year-old bus driver named Edward Heuvelhorst [picture] in an effort to become emancipated. One day after the marriage Ruth left Edward and joined the Family.

According to Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter, Ruth’s father, Deane Moorehouse, went to Spahn Ranch to kill Manson for stealing his daughter. “He ended up on his knees worshiping him.”

Ruth Ann’s Father in 1999

During the Tate/LaBianca murder trial Ruth tried to poison prosecution witness and fellow Manson family member Barbara Hoyt. This incident came to be known as the “Honolulu hamburger caper.”

Barbara was unsure about testifying and the family offered Hoyt an all expense paid trip to Hawaii if Barbara agreed not to testify. Barbara agreed. Ruth and Barbara took the trip to Hawaii where Ruth laced Barbara’s hamburger with ten hits of LSD. Barbara survived and was determined to testify against the family. Ruth along with four other family members were charged with attempted murder. The charge was later reduced to conspiracy to dissuade a witness from testifying.

In ’71 the five family members were given a 90 day jail sentence. Ruth, almost 9 months pregnant, failed to appear at the sentencing hearing and fled to her sister in Carson City, Nevada, to avoid giving birth in jail. Four days after her arrival Ruth gave birth to a daughter. In ’75 the FBI located Ruth in Sacramento. The FBI did not arrest her but did inform Sacramento authorities who subsequently picked her up on the long-standing warrant.

On November 4, 1975 Ruth again appeared in court to be sentenced. The Judge did not give Ruth any jail time, instead he ruled that because she was abandoned by her father and “thrown willy-nilly into the Manson cult” she could go free with time served.

From The Los Angeles Times, 1975:

Ruth Ann Moorehouse, still wearing a bandage over plastic surgery she underwent to remove the forehead X that had marked her as a member of the Manson family, Tuesday made a brief and tearful court appearance in Los Angeles.

With Moorehouse at his side, unsuccessfully trying to fight back her tears, Fitzgerald (Ruth’s lawyer) told the judge that she did not appear for sentencing because she was nine months pregnant at the time.
“The ‘family’ told her she had to shave her head and that she had to have her baby in jail.” Fitzgerald explained “And she wanted none of that.”

Today Ruth lives a quiet life somewhere in Minnesota.

Written by RXSTR. Do not copy without permission.


9 thoughts on “Ruth Ann Moorehouse

  1. Dear Ruth, hope you remember me (Joel Romero) we had fun for a short time in eighth grade, Judy Felders Birthday party you wore a dark blouse with a bunny on it . Time ran out and you went to Westmont and i went to Blackford , I always wondered what could have happened if i had kept in touch . It sounds like your enjoying life and that makes me feel good . I am on Facebook if you care to say hi.But for now take care …oh you were cute as a bunny i will never forget.

  2. Ruthie, If you get this, remember that you have friends from your ‘new’ life. Haven’t seen you for almost 40 years. I remember a warm, wonderful lady.I hope you’ve found peace and happiness. Be safe. Hugs, Bob. (Bob from the Country House)

  3. I hope Ruth Ann still goes to this website and sees this post. I want to say to her not to rack herself with so much guilt. She was just a kid then and it’s tough to avoid things when you don’t have a real strict dad, even when you have one!
    She’s paid her debt with 45 years of guilt and building a family.
    It’s time to let her live free.

  4. Heaven! To this day some members and family are afraid! Easy to understand, because they had a black past ….
    I’m from Brazil and for two years I’ve heard the whole story of the Manson family …. but I would like to see how it is these days

  5. Ruth Ann and twenty some others were there when the raid at Spahn came down on August sixteen
    Ruth Ann was making the family scene for over a year easy and she was already seventeen
    the raid was early in the morning I mean you know around six
    there was a timing which was not polite cause you know a person needs a coffee fix first when the sun shows up and the white birds begin to sing yeah red and white
    we saw her there at the sidewalk by the courthouse and in the hallways
    we heard her and she can really sing a tune
    ah but soon Ruth Ann went to Hawaii over the ocean on the friendly skies
    after all they said we’re a together family
    soon though they said she put ten tabs in a sandwich for Barb to take
    noway you all I’ve been around
    and there’s no way you can take ten hits of acid and survive
    meanwhile looking back at the Barker ranch
    well that’s over at the Panamint Range Mountains
    Sadie said like you know you don’t know all that’s been done
    there’s stuff that really crashed down
    ah but what’s nice looking Ruth Ann gonna know
    what with all that whispering going on
    there were a couple of nice guys though
    well at least Paul Watkins was one he played it cool
    now he said be cool and things gonna be alright
    well out of sight and groovy if it’s true and you can dig it
    aha but some girls wanted outta Barker and what was going on
    so Kitty and Stephanie kinda thought well so long
    ah but you know you can’t blame ’em things were lousy there so let’s run
    Ruth Ann we know later found another related family member or so
    and she was getting it together she had a child now you know
    there were a lot of people hip or not that came and went to Spahn
    I know that if I had gone and seen exotic pretty girl Ruth Ann at the ranch
    well I’m sure that I would have tripped as I tried to walk
    and yeah I would have though I Ouisch

  6. Joel, get over it. She’s 67 years old now, no that cute as a bunny girl you once knew. For that matter you’re an old fart mow too.

  7. SINCERELY well that I would like to see how Ruth is nowadays …. she should be in her seventy years ….
    Note: I’m not American, okay, I’m from Brazil.

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