Barbara Hoyt

Name: Barbara Jeanne Hoyt
Date of birth: 12/27/1951
Date of death: 12/03/2017
Cause of death: Kidney Failure
Whereabouts: Redacted
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Barbara Hoyt is a former member of the Manson Family. Hoyt was a witness in District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi’s prosecution of Manson and his followers for the Tate-LaBianca murders, one of the highest-profile murder trials in history.

During the Tate/LaBianca murder trial Ruth Ann Moorehouse tried to poison prosecution witness and fellow Manson family member Barbara Hoyt.
Barbara was unsure about testifying and the family offered Hoyt an all expense paid trip to Hawaii if Barbara agreed not to testify. Barbara agreed.

Ruth and Barbara took the trip to Hawaii where Ruth laced Barbara’s hamburger with ten hits of LSD, a lethal dose. By some miracle, Barbara survived and was determined to testify against the family.

Barbara died on December 3, 2017 due to kidney failure.

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2 thoughts on “Barbara Hoyt

  1. Barbara was one of the well meaning kids there she had that open look of honesty she joined the party and smiled so this is what these cool people do kinda like hippies but soon she saw there was something weird there like what did you do to poor Gary I’ve (me) been the only one it seems to point out the two mistakes by Barbara and Paul Watkins who later helped her escape cause you know we all have some doubts the first one is why they didn’t call the local friendly cops when they both knew that Gary Shea and Tate well you know come on they heard talk and mistake two was well then they went right along to Barker Ranch with the gang stayed for another month
    hot dam man one day when the October 10 and 12 raids were a little more than a week away Barbara and good looking Sherry hid by the bushes and rocks till brother Paul Watkins walked around and they said Paul we’re afraid of Charlie we wanna get away Paul looked at then and said I’ll help you don’t worry and he secretly gave them a ride he was being a friend and a good guy there and well hey it was said that later that some of the gang did something to Barbara that others who heard said well you know that’s kinda rude that well gee they tried to poison her so what did that do she testified against some of the Spahners’ and so the geniuses ended up in the slammers you know California dorms for sinners

    What happened to the gang we used to know
    we had it made oh girl the trails the hills that weird cave too
    too bad really if only we could go back
    if only it was yesterday and July once more

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