Catherine Share

Name: Catherine Louise Share
Date of birth: 12/20/1942
Place of birth: Paris, France
AKA: Gypsy
Wikipedia: Catherine Share
Whereabouts: Texas
Movies: The Ramrodder
Archive: Catherine Share
Recent Pictures: Catherine Share Today
Image Gallery: Catherine Share Gallery

Catherine Louise “Gypsy” Share is a former member of the Manson Family. She was convicted of one or more crimes and served five years in prison. Following her release in 1975, she disassociated herself from the Family and sought surgical treatment to remove the “X” that she and others had burned and carved into her forehead on Manson’s orders during his trial.

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2 thoughts on “Catherine Share

  1. I second that!!!! Gypsy was “awesome”!!!! She was well spoken and very beautiful!! Although she would, apparently, like to disown that phase of her life!! I wonder what she thinks of her admirers????

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