Charles Manson

Name: Charles Milles Manson
Date of birth: 11/11/1934
Date of death: 11/19/2017
Cause of death: natural causes
Place of birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
AKA: The Wizard, Jesus Christ, The Devil
Prisoner ID: B33920
Children: Charles Milles Manson Jr, Charles Luther Manson, Valentine Michael Manson
Official Website: maintained by Afton ‘Star’ Burton and Redwolf
Whereabouts: Corcoran State Prison California
Archive: Charles Manson
Recent Pictures: Charles Manson Today
Image Gallery: Charles Manson Gallery

Charles Milles Manson led a commune what became known as the Manson Family, that arose in California in the late 1960s. Manson and his followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations over a period of five weeks in the summer of 1969.

In 1971 he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the murders of seven people, most notably of the actress Sharon Tate, all of which were carried out by members of the Family at his instruction. He is currently serving nine concurrent life sentences at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California. Manson died Sunday night at 8:13 p.m. local time at Kern County Hospital, California. He was 83. The cause of death was listed as natural causes.

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3 thoughts on “Charles Manson

  1. Have you seen and heard some of the statements made by a few of the former stars of
    what was the stage at the old western spread by Chatsworth well that is the one and only Ranch Spahn
    has it really been so long
    now their singing a different tune but it’s alright let them deal with it and get along
    the reason I may have brought this up is cause well it reminded me of the times when we began hearing about some former performers from that communal production like in ’68 and ’69 and even up to ’71
    that here they are and well they’re saying we don’t wanna get no more mail from Charlie as you can see we’re in prison
    so no more letters Mr Postman
    cause that address is known
    don’t even give our numbers to the cell block payphone
    you know that ain’t gonna help us when parole time comes around

    wait what no letters accepted from brother Charlie
    what’s going on
    it got worse
    yeah it did by the middle of ’75 and ’76
    some of them even denounced brother Charlie
    what wait what’s happening friends
    how can that be
    it’s me brother Charlie come on Bruce and you Girls how can that be

    well now friends what if Charlie shook his head
    and so can you blame the brother if he said
    what what after all the things we been through
    all that singing and trippin’
    all my lectures and jumpin’ and funnin’

    yes even the three dears Leslie Susan and Patricia said
    are you understanding what’s happening
    this ain’t living
    so we won’t accept no more letters
    screw that we don’t wanna be here forever
    you know like in California’s version of budget lodging
    though the food’s pert good like it’s a little better than dumpster diving
    Mr Postman don’t even look to see
    if there’s a letter or a card for me
    from anywhere near San Quentin or
    any damn prison
    what the hell was that year ’69
    what the hell were we thinking
    what the hell didn’t we even see the signs
    really violence are you freakin’ kiddin’
    I know by now that yes even Charlie sees that it shouldn’t have been
    ah but now it’s kinda late and Charlie has his pride and he’s not giving in
    that’s Charlie after all there were others that could have thought and said
    lemme think wait I don’t wanna kill people are you crazy
    LSD Hash Pot Speed
    now try to think with Charlie losing it and that stuff in your head August nine and ten
    there was a lot of blame to spread

  2. Today they whispered then they said,
    call the warden…Charlie here has died.
    ABC got the news right away then Al Jazeera and the Daily Mail put the news on their page.
    This news is somewhat weird and somehow strange:
    after all these years… what can we all say?
    “It would appear,” a fellow from Britain I was talking with, a while ago, at a coffee shop, offered, “that the old boy has left us. It’s a pity what has happened to him in his years.”
    “Well yeah,” I said, “It’s an old and new American story you know, it was all so real.”
    And this Englishman said, “quite right and very peculiar.”
    Well yeah, I said, but you know it’s really kind of sad.
    All those years, all of those people old Charlie knew and how they were all affected in different ways.
    There was nice guy Paul Watkins and our girl Susan Atkins leaving us some years before.
    “I say, chap, who are they?” The fellow asked me.
    I gave a quick rundown.
    He said, ah and, “Well, I gather that in death, even they have a road now, don’t they?”
    I felt funny, then I remembered the songs- ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Morning Has Broken.’
    I began to cry, so I walked quickly to the napkins by the coffee machines.
    I couldn’t help myself and I said, aloud, but in more of a whisper:
    yes there is a sunlit field to cross over and I saw a beautiful Lady holding the hand of her little Son and there were others, smiling and walking across that happy field.
    And I thought of a beautiful flower that always grows in the holy land called Sharon.
    We’re all sorry for the ones that were victims and their families
    We all hope the families find some forgiveness and some peace
    And I thought of Paul and Susan and Charlie.
    And I thought,
    there is that sun shined field even for wretches like them
    And even for a wretch like me

  3. The County where a person, in this case an inmate, has ‘gone home’ from, well, does provide for a burial.
    That could be and usually is, in a prison cemetery.
    And what’s wrong with that?
    That’s if no one claimed the inmate.
    So what’d they claim him for?

    Dear Brother Charlie,
    We’d like to say farewell to ya
    some people some of us have talked with you know ’bout the old ranchin’ fun days
    why yes in weird but sunny hazy crazy California Chatsworth bein’ a turn away
    they said you mean that’s what some a what Charlie talked about
    maybe you all could do some reading about people and things
    they said why then old Charlie well we hardly knew of ya
    I said aha but wait there’s more and they said… more…do tell coffee drinker
    I said take the damn headphones off and listen
    some of ‘Charlies people’ promised and said were gonna give Charlie a resting place
    why that would be nice
    don’t you think friends
    let us Pray in Grace
    but then we looked and Charlie was nowhere
    no nowhere where people could go and say
    hello Charlie and too farewell son of one a the Virginias
    and son of America
    so then I asked and said
    what did we need you to take brother Charlie some miles yonder
    and…is that it…bye so long…we’re outta here
    come on man what kinda thing is this
    why don’t you let Charlie be where he wanted to you all knew it
    that’s yonder that away in the big old desert
    but no you couldn’t give what every human is entitled to
    that would be a proper burial or what he told him her and you what he wanted
    if you can read and listen to what the old boy said when he was in prison
    you ran to be by some creek or river what the heck
    I mean it’s like someone never existed
    or is the answer there that…
    the answer friends is left blowin’ in the wind…

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