Kathryn Lutesinger

Name: Kathryn Rene Lutesinger
Date of birth: 08/14/1952
AKA: Kitty
Whereabouts: Redacted
Lives under marital name
Archive: Kitty Lutesinger
Image Gallery: Kitty Lutesinger Gallery

Kathryn Lutesinger is a former member of the Manson Family. Kathryn, also know as “Kitty”, was introduced to the family in ’69 by boyfriend Bobby Beausoleil.

At the time Lutesinger was pregnant and carrying Beausoleil’s child. Manson treated Lutesinger badly because Manson felt Lutesinger was trying to lure Beausoleil away from the family.

Beausoleil was arrested for the Hinman murder on 6 August 1969. During the Tate-Labianca trial, Kathryn floated in and out of family. She was arrested in November of ’71, for aiding the escape of family associate Kenneth Como, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Kathryn moved on with her life and became a teacher. Today she is retired and lives a peaceful life.

Kathryn Lutesinger Hinman Arrest Report

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One thought on “Kathryn Lutesinger

  1. Kitty can only make a guys knees go weaker I’m feelin’
    You know I know all I had to do is look at that picture
    were we seeing a Princess from some European place
    I mean just look at that picture and that hand raised in grace
    I mean just look at that pretty face
    how can a guy not say Kitty when I see your eyes and hair
    oh how can I keep from staring
    KItty you were always something

    Back then in ’69,
    Some people said and later some of us thought about it and well,
    didn’t Kitty tell the law about Dear Sadie being at Gary’s house in Topanga?
    That was after Kitty hoofed it outta Barker Ranch in October…made tracks…bye…
    So, Sadie was politely escorted to a jail, with complimentary meals and coffee …and an ashtray.
    That led to Sadie ending up at Sybil where she yakked about being in Benedict Canyon one night back in August.
    Whether cute face expressions Sadie talked there or not, and whether Kitty had talked with the law as I have just said, to be fair:
    the investigators, as lame as that process was so slowly taking, well, still, there were fingerprints at the Cielo Drive house, in the Topanga one and some of the citizens of Spahn knew what was going on.
    The three girls and brother Charlie were gonna be arrested anyway sooner or sooner. (sic)
    Some of the young ‘trippers’ were leaving Spahn Town and some still there were kinda shook up about the talk of violence, so yeah, the law would have heard from one then another, anyway.

    Kitty is like a rainbow
    I mean
    have you seen a lady fairer
    colors everywhere oh every…she’s a rainbow
    –don’t worry, Mick isn’t gonna object my to using a line from his ‘She’s A Rainbow’ song-
    Trust me, it’s cool.
    Mick was singing and Kieth Richards was guitarin’
    yeah that really good tune – ’67

    Hope Kitty and her and Bobby B’s daughter are doing well and aright

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