Lynette Fromme

Name: Lynette Alice Fromme
Date of birth: 10/22/1948
Place of birth: Santa Monica, California
AKA: Squeaky, Red
Wikipedia: Lynette Fromme
Whereabouts: New York
Archive: Lynette Fromme
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Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme is an American would-be assassin best known for attempting to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1975. A member of the infamous Manson family, she was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination attempt and released on parole on August 14, 2009, after serving 34 years.

Lynette Fromme is connected to the James and Lauren Willett murders. (1 | 2)
James and Lauren Willett were associates of the Manson family.

After the Tate/LaBianca murder trial Nancy Pitman and Priscilla Cooper, and a pair of ex-convicts named Michael Monfort and James Craig (Aryan Brotherhood) and James and Lauren Willett and their infant daughter Heidi (#1 | #2) moved into a cabin in Guerneville.

In 1972, the decapitated body of James Willett was found in a shallow grave with his hand sticking out of the ground. later the body of his wife, Lauren was discovered buried in the crawl space of a house in Stockton.

Michael Monfort, James Craig, Priscilla Cooper, Nancy Pitman and Lynnette Fromme were arrested for the murder of James and Lauren Willett.

Michael Monfort pled guilty to both murders. Nancy Pitman pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact in the murder of Lauren Willett. Lynette Fromme was released for lack of evidence.

Baby Heidi was not harmed and ended up with her grandmother.

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    1. You can leave a message in the comments section at the page of the person you want to contact. Some of the former family members actually visit this site so there’s a chance they will read it.

  1. Not sure how it would be possible but if someone knows of a way that I could get a CD to Ms. Fromme without disturbing her privacy, please let me know.

    Much Love.


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