Patricia Krenwinkel

Name: Patricia Dianne Krenwinkel
Date of birth: 12/03/1947
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
AKA: Katie, Big Patty
Prisoner ID: W08314
Wikipedia: Patricia Krenwinkel
Whereabouts: California Institute for Women (life sentence)
Next Parole Hearing: January 2018
Archive: Patricia Krenwinkel
Recent Pictures: Patricia Krenwinkel Today
Image Gallery: Patricia Krenwinkel Gallery

Patricia Krenwinkel was a participant in the infamous murders on August 9, 1969 at 10050 Cielo Drive, home of actress Sharon Tate and director Roman Polanski. After fellow Family member Charles “Tex” Watson shot and killed teenager Steven Parent in his car in the driveway, Watson, Susan Atkins, and Krenwinkel entered the house, surprising all inside. When mayhem ensued, Patricia Krenwinkel dragged coffee heiress Abigail Folger from her bedroom to the living room, fought with her, and stabbed her. When Folger tried to escape following the first round of stabbing, Krenwinkel was said to have chased Folger as she ran outside screaming. According to Krenwinkel, she pinned Folger to the ground and further stabbed her; the victim pleaded with her to stop by saying, “Stop, I’m already dead”. Krenwinkel continued to stab her so brutally that Folger’s white nightgown appeared red to police investigators the following day. After stabbing Folger, Krenwinkel went back inside and summoned Watson, who also stabbed Folger. During her trial, Krenwinkel said, “…I stabbed her and I kept stabbing her.” When asked how it felt, Krenwinkel replied: “Nothing, I mean, what is there to describe? It was just there, and it was right.”

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