Sandra Good

Name: Sandra Collins Good
Date of birth: 02/20/1944
Place of birth: San Diego, California
AKA: Blue, Sandra Collins Pugh, Sandy
Wikipedia: Sandra Good
Whereabouts: California
Sandra’s house at Lake County burned down during the 2015 California wildfire
Archive: Sandra Good
Recent Pictures: Sandra Good Today
Image Gallery: Sandra Good Gallery

Sandra Collins Good is a long-time member of the Manson Family and a close friend of Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme. Good’s Manson Family nickname is “Blue”, which was given to her by Charles Manson to represent clean air and water.

Despite her association with Manson and his followers, she did not take part in the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders because she was in jail at the time for using stolen credit cards. However, Good said she respected those who committed the murders and demonstrated her support for Manson during his trial by shaving her head and carving an X on her forehead.

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6 thoughts on “Sandra Good

  1. Sandy. Trying to find you, would like to be friends. I’m 57, in California, near long beach, I am interested in your philosophy. You can e-mail me Thank you! Hope you are well. Blue always has been my favourite colour. 🙂

  2. Son of a gun!
    I saw, recently several pictures of Sandra. Well, maybe they were 2-5 years old, you never know about the dating of things on the internet.
    Well, Sandy still looks Good!
    Just as she has always looked Good in the pictures from 1969-1971, during the persecution, er, prosecution of the 3 girls on trial with brother Charlie.
    Sandy has always been not only quite intelligent but one of the cutest girls, as a teen and into her twenties I have ever seen!
    I hope that she is doing well, so, for now, see you later alligator.
    I hope that you all have a Good day too!

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