Sherry Ann Cooper

Name: Sherry Ann Cooper
Date of birth: 5-17-1949
AKA: Simi Valley Sherri
Archive: Sherry Cooper
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Whereabouts: California

Sherry Ann Cooper, nicknamed Simi Valley Sherri, was born on May 17, 1949 in Simi Valley, California. Sherry Ann Cooper was the girlfriend of Danny Decarlo.

Sherry was arrested with the family during the Spahn Ranch raid. Sherry Fled Barker Ranch with Barbara Hoyt after Hoyt overheard Susan Atkins talking about the Tate murder to Ruth Ann Moorehouse. When Manson found out the two girls had run away he took off after them. He found them having breakfast in a diner and gave them $20 after the girls told Manson they wanted to leave.

In 1969 an unidentified body (Jane Doe #59) with 150 stab wounds was found at Mulholland Drive. It was rumored that this was possibly the body of Sherry Cooper. The unidentified body remained a mystery for 46 years but in 2015 police have identified the woman as Reet Jurvetson 1 | 2, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal the year she was killed.

Sherry Cooper and Danny Decarlo had a daughter named Gina who died in a car accident in 1991.

Sherry moved on with her life and got married. Today Sherry reportedly lives in California under her marital name.

[Note: There are rumors that Sherry died of cancer. I know Sherry’s marital name and i searched several databases and i have not found a death certificate so far so i can’t confirm these rumors.]

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7 thoughts on “Sherry Ann Cooper

  1. Hi Daniel! I have heard conflicting stories
    About “Simi Valley Sherry”….Obviously the one shown above, that Sherri lives in California under her marital name. I also
    Read on a Family Blog that Sherry may have passed away from Cancer. Would love to know what really became of her, and see a recent photo if she is still among the living. I hope this helps!

  2. who’s that girl walking down that trail
    that was Sherry boy and she’s really their
    just look at that cute face and that shiny hair
    it’s simi valley sherry with that innocent smile
    oh she came over from the valley it’s only a coupla miles
    they said we groove… dig?
    so let’s gather round and sing and we’ll tell you more
    they were talkin’ and tokin’ and singin’ but aha
    ah hey hey it wasn’t and they didn’t rock and roll
    this is their thing with brother guru singing
    look guitars and some grubby guys tryin’ the wailin’
    but it was really only kinda country with kinda some soul
    and when the talking lecturing I’m thinkin’
    ha hey it really had no meanin’
    up is down life is death right is wrong
    laugh away who are you kidding
    so with this and that sounding contradictin’
    then you all don’t have to do any a’ your own thinkin
    it was the same old scene soon because you had the same grubby guys
    like thugs who never wash and goin’ round playing with knives and guns
    if these thugs didn’t committ no crimes they wouldnta hadda be protectin’
    good thing they went to prison and visitor Bobby turned into a punk
    too bad you coulda been right on but you were dumb though not bad as Clem
    didn’t you all well some did I know I mean when we heard the fab four
    you know our friends the four brunettes from liverpool
    they started long hair and what’s cool you know back in 1964
    they said as George Harrison sang

    we wonder how some people get inverted
    and they get perverted too

    simi valley Sherry was not to be called dumb
    she hightailed it outta death valley
    Barbara and simi valley Sherry
    we all hope and I do and pray that Sherry later after a loss and sorrow
    found peace for today and for her tomorrows

  3. Yes!!!! That would be sad if Sherry passed away!!! And I learned that, sadly, Juan Flynn has passed away as well!! Someone should find out for sure about these things!! I, myself, do not have the resources! But I know Juan has definitely passed!! And we don’t know if Sherry has, in fact, died!! Maybe she is still living!!

  4. it seems that there was a day way back when
    seems that was June 30 1969
    it was a monday and a new week has just begun
    don’t you know that’s when the sun was really shining
    if only we coulda known

    Seems there’s always winds and rain in the Susanas
    it seems like we’ve heard that before about the winds of the Santa Anas
    That’s what the waitress at the Denny’s on Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove told me
    she shook her head with wheat blonde hair and laughed at me
    it seems that she was enjoying looking at a dummy
    then she said that’s what I said don’t you see
    it gets windy
    I said okay and she said you’re weird to me and she laughed again
    Oh well I grinned and then she poured more coffee in that white mug that said Denny’s oh why did I walk away

    but it seems it’s always shiny on the green leaves on the branches of those nice trees
    it seems that when it rains on the Susana places the plants and the flowers have that
    oh yeah you know and I know they have that shiny sparkling wet and brightness
    you can really enjoy and see it even when it rains at the hills at Spahn Land
    can you relate…it’s still sunny…
    you know you’re always happy on those paths and trails stay here
    June 30 ’69 please stay
    I know and I’ll tell you so
    feel that cool soft breeze moving through the air and green pretty leaves and
    did you hear it I said I long to kiss your pink cheeks and feel your white bare feet from your toes to your thighs because you’re as soft and as well meaning and natural as those breezes waving easily and slowly around your light shade hair and your all American girl face stay here don’t go stay here with June 30 and everything will be…
    just as you first hoped being free really means
    and your name rhymes with the words softly and happy you looked around so innocently

  5. I know Sherry’s marital name and searched for a death record in several databases but so far haven’t found one. I did find her last known address so i presume she is still alive.

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