Spahn Movie Ranch

The Spahn Movie Ranch was the home of the Manson Family during the Tate/LaBianca murders.

Name: Spahn Movie Ranch
Build: 1920
Founder: William S. Hart
Last Owner: George Spahn
Location: 12000 Santa Susana Pass Road. Chatsworth, California
Spahn Ranch Today: A wildfire destroyed the Spahn Movie Ranch on September 26, 1970. The Spahn Ranch site is now part of California’s Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park.
Picture Galleries: Spahn Movie Ranch | Spahn Ranch Raid


One thought on “Spahn Movie Ranch

  1. They did this to the Ranch and there was nature all around
    there by that hill and past a trail I’m pretty sure it happened this way
    it happened to happen when people and cameras were always going to Temple and Broadway
    it was wasn’t it September of 1970 during the trial of the silly…ah notorious maybe

    have you ever talked with Detectives in a town or city
    have you ever asked I did,
    Detective, do you believe in coincidences
    they shook their heads and laughed… they’d say…
    if we did we’d never solve most crimes, fella

    the fire that was around and on Spahn ground was deliberately set
    but wait we heard them say the guv people that is,
    why, it musta been lightning or a careless act by hikers campers…
    I said, ah…oookay…

    this is my opinion only so here is what I say:
    there was one, but probably two people by that hill behind the Ranch
    they crept and looked around, and then…
    they crouched lower to the ground
    that’s now when their hands and matches came down
    the papers and dry scrub were lit and now…a sudden whoosh and crackle
    they thought they were alone but the small bugs and small animals heard that terrible sound-how could you do this to me
    then the bushes and flowers felt that terrible fear-how could you do this to me
    now you see that nature was attacked yet again

    all of this to take revenge against those that lived at the Ranch and of course of the four that were on trial
    but this was burning living things that never hurt anyone
    and too the horses cried and ran round and round
    don’t they know attacking nature is a terrible wrong that hurts so many

    don’t they know that Santa Susana that Saint Sussan was a girl martyr in history

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