Susan Atkins

Name: Susan Denise Atkins
Date of birth: 05/07/1948
Date of death: 09/24/2009
Cause of death: Brain cancer
Place of birth: San Gabriel, California
AKA: Sadie Mae Glutz, Sexy Sadie
Archive: Susan Atkins
Wikipedia: Susan Atkins
Children: Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz
Image Gallery: Susan Atkins Gallery

Susan Atkins, known within the Family as Sexy Sadie, was a member of the Manson Family. Manson and his followers committed a series of murders in California during the summer of 1969. Atkins was convicted for her participation in eight of these murders, including the most notorious, the Tate murders at Cielo Drive.

Atkins was sentenced to death, later the sentence was reduced to life in prison. Atkins died on September 24, 2009 at age 61. A year before her death Atkins received a diagnosis of brain cancer and had a leg amputated. At the time of her death, Atkins was California’s longest-serving female inmate.

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4 thoughts on “Susan Atkins

  1. Hello, I would like to ask some questions, rather rhetorical, about and to Sister Sadie
    of commune Spahn:

    there Sadie was on August nine and,
    We Don’t know why you never asked them what’s the point of this night
    I Don’t know why they didn’t consult you only Sadie go for the ride
    We Don’t know why you were led so easily and you walked to that house and then inside
    I Wonder why if they didn’t control you why you took the fall and didn’t fight
    even a girl named Sadie has her rights
    We Wonder why you were so outspoken at that Sybil prison with all those rats all around
    I Wonder why you waited so long to tell the real version in ’76 that was finally the truth and you were young Susan Atkins
    We Wonder why they really hate you they focus on you they focus on three girls with their hate
    that’s those da’s and politicians in that dimming ‘golden’ state
    I Wonder why and I Wonder how the truth has been forsaken
    it’s justice that’s always waiting

  2. She became famous and I don’t know why
    she looked so young under that California sun and sky
    so did I
    she kept looking at me and she said
    I lived in Haight Ashbury
    I said wow really
    I thought she’s a real hip girl alright
    she said yeah I lived there it was fun
    then came a lot of people that just wanted to use you
    things just weren’t right
    I looked at her long dark hair and brown eyes and I said you know what
    that reminds me of the Beatles Revolver sitar song
    you know they said something about how some people will screw you in the ground
    and all their sins you’ll see
    she seemed to always smile when she talked with me
    she laughed and said yeah and now nobody can tell me what to do
    I have my friends our gang we got it together we live in our own commune
    she didn’t mention a Charlie
    she said why don’t you come with me
    come with me you’ll like it there you’ll see
    she liked to show off and dance around
    all the time from the time we met behind that grocery store
    to the hills those big rocks bushes and trees
    walking and talking and more
    she didn’t use the word sexy before her name
    I told her later that I liked her and her name
    I said your name and the way you talk reminds me of a sort of a country type girl
    she really liked that and said that’s cool
    I really liked her for all that’s worth
    July’s are always sunny and brighter than August aren’t they
    July 1969 Chatsworth

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