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One thought on “Catherine Gillies Gallery

  1. Why does California have more tears and stars
    why does California make you look up to the skies
    and now has you feeling rain
    flowing down from your eyes
    young fairy tales
    then real life pains again

    They didn’t make societies scenes
    they were moving from children’s songs
    on and on to what they heard on tv
    yeah again what we all could see
    crimes and lies and Vietnam’s killing fields
    a so long and farewell
    no one wants to be lonely
    see you around Paul, Ella Jo, Barbara and Charlie too
    and Susan’s a girl dancing
    then Catherine G just the other day
    a picture has no thousand words
    it only has us having thoughts
    they gazed for a moment up high
    then they closed their eyes
    then they went on up to the biggest Ranch there ever was
    over and up over the skies
    to the One that created everything and everyone that has ever been alive
    there back to where just before they were just born
    and Sharon’s there too smiling at her dear little boy
    everyone you and them and I were children once
    small and innocent at one time
    nursery rhymes
    of everyone that has ever been alive
    it all began when we had our first smiles
    nursery rhymes

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