Ella Jo Bailey

Ella Jo Bailey was a former member of the Manson Family. In 1967 Ella Jo Bailey lived in San Francisco. It was there that she met Charles Manson, Mary Brunner, Lynette Fromme and Patricia Krenwinkel.

Bailey became fascinated with Manson and decided to join him. Shortly thereafter, Susan Atkins came into the family and the girls traveled around the southwest with Manson until they moved to Spahn Ranch in 1968.

Bailey stayed with the Manson Family until she found out about the murder of Donald Shea. Bailey left the Family and later testified for the prosecution during the Hinman trial.

Ella Jo Bailey and Patricia Krenwinkel were hitchhiking in Malibu when they were picked up by Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. This encounter eventually led to the murder of Sharon Tate.

At one point LAPD thought Ella Jo Bailey might’ve been Jane Doe #59.

Ella Jo Bailey died on September 14, 2015 in Florida at the age of 68.

Ella Jo Bailey Hinman Statement

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2 thoughts on “Ella Jo Bailey

  1. Ella remembered the summer of love in ’67 but now with what these weirdos did to Hinman was so wrong, that soon Ella Jo said no good, no, so goodbye.
    Then dear Ella was hearing about cowpoke Shea and so that was really and definitely the final straw.
    What the hell were you scary bums killing people for?

    The citizens of town Spahn were trippin’ you already know
    yeah even in that ranch house like they used in western shows
    Ella had an amused and cute little smile as she looked around the room
    everyone sat or lay back
    yep it was brother Paul passing the little acid tabs around again
    some guy would panic and yell and some girl would thrash her arms up and down
    and there was another bad trip for someone over there
    most of ’em just tripped on so who really cares
    no one I’ll tell you all again it’s the same refrain
    brother Charlie the wise man said young love and be in the now
    look at the kids in the room are you sure the guys are even under the age of thirty
    well they look older and they’re just plain dirty
    the girls are looking and seeing them it’s the looks of plain dumb
    you can see their toes and even more cause mosta them took off mosta their clothes
    ooh wee looky
    damn you all look so damn outta it and just plain silly

    and, I’m saying,
    you never know when things are gonna go wrong
    when things look funny and the talk ain’t about peace and love
    well now maybe you don’t wanna stick around
    what are you all talking about
    well I’ll tell you
    Blackbird is a boring song
    so long Ella you did just fine

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