John Haught


Name: John Philip Haught
Date of birth: 4/20/1947
Date of death: 11/5/1969
AKA: Zero

John “Zero” Haught began living with the Manson family after he moved to California from Ohio. Haught was arrested with the family during Barker Ranch raid. After being released from jail Haught moved to a Venice Beach house along with several Manson family members.

On Wednesday November 5th, 1969 the Venice Police Department responded to a call at 28 Clubhouse Avenue. At the scene police discovered the body of John Haught.

Several Manson Family members were present when Haught died, including Bruce Davis, Madaline Joan Cottage, Sue Bartell and Catherine Gillies. They told the police that Haught killed himself playing Russian roulette. The police ruled Haught’s death a suicide, however there are indications that Haught may have been murdered. No fingerprints were found on the gun, not even Haught’s own prints and the gun was fully loaded at the time of death.

An anonymous source told the L.A Times that he was there when Haught died. He claimed Haught didn’t kill himself but was shot by one of the Manson girls.

There is a picture on the internet that is supposed to be John “Zero” Haught. In fact the man in this picture is not John Haught but Robert Earl Murray, an associate of the Manson family.

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