Waco Member Victims List

List Of Names Of Koresh And His Followers Who Died During The Waco Massacre

-David Koresh, 33, leader of the Branch Davidians.
-Rachel Jones, 23, the legal wife of David Koresh.
-Cyrus Koresh, 8, the son of Koresh and his legal wife Rachel.
-Star Koresh, 5, the daughter of Koresh and Rachel.
-Dayland Gent, 3, of Australia, the son of Nicole Gent and Koresh.
-Serenity Sea Jones, 4, the daughter of Michelle Jones and Koresh.
-Startle Summers, 1, the daughter of Aisha Gyarfas and Koresh.
-Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2.
-Natalie Nobrega, 11, daughter of William Nobrega of London, England.
-Lisa Martin, 13.
-Sheila Martin, 15.
-Abigail Martinez, 11.
-Audrey Martinez, 13.
-Crystal Martinez, 3.
-Isaiah Martinez, 4.
-Joseph Martinez, 8.
-Mayanah Schneider, 2.
-Hollywood Sylvia, 2.
-Rachel Sylvia, 13.
-Steve Schneider, 43, Koresh’s chief lieutenant.
-Judy Schneider, 41, legally married to Steve Schneider but one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Sherri Lynn Jewell, 43, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-David Michael Jones, 38, brother-in-law of Koresh.
-Jeffrey Little, 31.
-Nicole Elizabeth Gent, 23, of Australia.
-Wayne Martin, 42, a Harvard-educated lawyer who maintained a law office at Mount Carmel.
-Aisha Gyarfas, 17, of Australia, who was expecting a baby believed to be Koresh’s.
-Mary Jean Borst, age 50.
-Pablo Cohen, 38, an Israeli citizen.
-Evette Fagan, 32, of the United Kingdom.
-Lisa Marie Farris, 24.
-Diana Henry, 28, of the United Kingdom.
-Paulina Henry, 25, of the United Kingdom.
-Philip Henry, 23, of the United Kingdom.
-Stephen Henry, 26, of the United Kingdom.
-Vanessa Henry, 19, of the United Kingdom.
-Zilla Henry, 55, of the United Kingdom.
-Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30.
-Jilliane Matthews, age and place unknown.
-Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31, of the United Kingdom.
-Melissa Morrison, 4, of the United Kingdom.
-Rosemary Morrison, 29, of the United Kingdom.
-Theresa Nobrega, 38, of the United Kingdom.
-Floracita Sonobe, 34, of the Philippines.
-Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35.
-Gregory Allen Summers, 28.
-Lorraine Sylvia, 40, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Doris Vaega, age unknown of New Zealand.
-Margarida Joann Vaega, 46, of New Zealand. Reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Neil Vaega, 37, of New Zealand.
-Stanley Sylvia, of North Dartmouth, Mass.
-Michelle Jones, 18, Koresh’s sister-in-law and a “wife”.
-Peter Gent, 24, was killed in the raid.
-Michael Schroeder, 29, was killed on the afternoon of Feb. 28.
-Perry Jones, Koresh’s father-in-law reportedly killed in the Feb. 28 shootout.

This list is not yet complete. Some names missing.


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