Barbara Hoyt

Barbara Hoyt, a former Manson Family member, joined the Family in April 1969. She lived with the Clan at Spahn Ranch. While not involved in any of the murders, Hoyt overheard several Family members discuss the murders.

On August 8, 1969, the night of the Tate murders, Susan Atkins asked Hoyt to get 3 sets of dark clothing from the Family’s wardrobe. When Hoyt returned with the clothing, Manson informed Hoyt that Atkins and the others had already left.

On August 9, 1969, Hoyt was watching television in a trailer at Spahn Ranch when Susan Atkins came in and told Hoyt to turn on the news. When the Tate murders came up, Atkins and several others started laughing. Hoyt thought Atkins’ behaviour was weird, but she didn’t yet realize she was in the company of the Tate killers.

It wasn’t until the Group moved to Death Valley that Hoyt overheard Atkins confessing to the Tate murders to Ruth Ann Moorehouse. Not long after, Hoyt and Sherry Cooper fled from the Family. Hoyt turned against the Group and became a witness for the prosecution. Several Family members hatched a plan to dissuade Hoyt not to testify.

Ruth Ann Moorehouse took Hoyt on a trip to Hawaii and tried to change her mind about testifying. When her plan didn’t work, Ruth poisoned Hoyt with 10 tabs of acid. Hoyt freaked out, ran around in panic, and collapsed. Hoyt was taken to the hospital. The next day, her mother picked her up and took her home. By this time Hoyt was determined to testify against the Family [vid].

After the trial, Hoyt went back to high school. Later, Hoyt married and became a mother. Hoyt befriended Debra Tate, Sharon Tate’s sister, and together they fought to keep the Manson Family members responsible for the murders behind bars [img]. Hoyt passed away in 2017.