Bonnie Haldeman

Bonnie was the mother of cult leader David Koresh. Bonnie was only 14 years old when she had David. Before David was born, his father met another teenage girl and left pregnant Bonnie. Bonnie started a new relationship with a man who had just been released from prison. The relationship did not go well, the man was violent towards Bonnie and the newly born David.

In 1963, Bonnie left her abusive boyfriend and placed 4-year-old David with his grandmother. Bonnie didn’t come back until David was 7, in the meantime she had married someone else, a carpenter, Roy Haldeman.

In 2007, Bonnie wrote a biography, telling her story and how David became the leader of a cult. She always felt that if the local sheriff had come to the compound and served her son an arrest warrant, he would have surrendered peacefully. She does not believe that David and his followers committed suicide. She described the Waco cult as peaceful people, and, according to her, David didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

During the winter of 2009, Bonnie, then 64 years old, was found dead in her sister’s home. She was murdered by her own sister, who suffered from severe mental illness and killed Bonnie during a psychosis.

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