Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis is a former member of the Manson Family. Davis was born on October 5, 1942, in Monroe, Louisiana. Davis was editor of his high school yearbook and attended the University of Tennessee for three years. In 1967, Davis met Charles Manson.

Having several things in common, Davis and Manson became friends and Davis joined the Family. Described as Manson’s right-hand man, Davis main job was handling the stolen credit cards and fake ID’s for the Family.

John Haught

Davis was one of the family members present when John “Zero” Haught killed himself playing Russian roulette. The police ruled Haught’s death a suicide, however there are indications that Haught may have been murdered. An anonymous source told the L.A Times that he was there when Haught died. He claimed Haught didn’t kill himself but was shot by one of the girls.

Joel Pugh

Davis lived in London from November 1968 to April 1969 while working at the Church of Scientology headquarters. At the time when Davis was living in London, Sandra Good’s friend Joel Pugh was found dead in a London hotel room under suspicious circumstances.


Davis was involved in the murders of Donald Shea and Gary Hinman. In April 1970, Davis was implicated in the death of Gary Hinman by Family member Mary Brunner. Davis went into hiding, ultimately turning himself in on December 2, 1970.

In ’72, Davis was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for the killings of Hinman and Shea, conspiracy to commit murder, and robbery. Davis was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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6 replies on “Bruce Davis”

Your right about that. He was arrested for possession of marijuana but was never convicted. He did spend a couple of days in jail after his first arrest.

Bruce Davis never actually killed anybody and he wasn’t there (albeit fleetingly) when Hinman was killed so he isn’t an accessory to murder or robbery on that occasion.
He was there with the shorty murder but not really a participant, or perhaps he was a little bit – only enough to warrant him getting charged with GBH at the most. His sentence is rediculous, in England he would have got a 5 year sentence and served 2.5 years straight release. That would be a fair sentence, maybe even a bit harsh, for what he did. His general association with “The Manson Family” is what he is in prison for. Very unfair and downright offensive to treat somebody like that.
Before anybody considers says ‘Manson never killed anybody either’ that’s a different story entirely.

Ive just spent the last few days on this site reading the whole of Bobbys’ parole transcript, that was great reading, taught me a few things i didn’t know. I would like to read one of Davis’ parole transcrips if you have one Rxstr?

Bruce Davis will probably die in Prison, and I think it’s kind of sad. He wasn’t even present when when Bobby Beausoleil Murdered Gary Hinman. He did admit at his parole hearing (2007) to cutting shorty Shea on his shoulder while Shorty was being murdered. So this act does make him guilty of the murder of Donald “Shorty” Shea. As far as Davis’s suitability – he is absolutely suitable for parole. He’s been suitable for years in fact. It’s got to be terribly frustrating to know that you are no a danger to society. All you want to do is get out of prison and do good. Yet be denied parole for “being a continuing threat to society.” Even though you are almost 80 years old, and you have a hip replace. Davis underwent hip replacement surgery in 2018 (I believe). I don’t he could hurt anyone if he wanted to. So, heart does go out to Davis.

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