Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen and Terry Melcher

Actress Candice Bergen and her boyfriend, Terry Melcher, a music producer, lived at 10050 Cielo Drive. The residents after Bergen and Melcher were Sharon and Roman Polanski.

Bergen was friends with Sharon and Roman Polanski, Roman was a guest at Bergen’s twenty-first birthday party, and Bergen was a guest at Sharon and Roman’s wedding.

Shortly after the murder of Tate and her friends, stories circulated that Bergen and Melcher were the actual targets of Manson. Charles Manson had met Terry Melcher through Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson. Melcher was interested in recording a record with Manson but decided against it at the last minute. Manson became angry and allegedly had the residents of 10050 Cielo Drive killed in revenge and as a warning. Manson knew that Bergen and Melcher had already moved.

“Terry wanted to record an album with Charles Manson, then he got spooked, and suddenly we were moving. I was like, in a few months? He said ‘No, tomorrow.’ We moved to his mother’s house, and one morning the telescope was missing from the deck. Terry got a message from Manson saying he’d taken it and knew where he lived. We didn’t know what else he might be capable of.”

Bergen temporarily fled the country after the Tate murders. Bergen and Melcher split up, and Bergen went to Mexico to film the western ‘Soldier Blue‘. After this, Bergen went to Spain to film ‘The Hunting Party’.