Catherine Gillies

Catherine Gillies was a member of the Manson Family. In the summer of ’69 she volunteered to go with the Tate/LaBianca killers on both nights, but Manson told Gillies to stay at Spahn Ranch.

Catherine aka Cappy was one of Manson’s most devoted followers. Cappy joined the family sometime in 1968. When the Manson Family were in need of a new home Catherine told them about a ranch called Myers ranch in Death Valley, owned by Catherine’s grandmother.

Manson gave Catherine’s grandmother a Beach Boys golden record, which Manson took when the Family stayed at Dennis Wilson’s house, in exchange for permission for the family to stay at the ranch.

Suicide or Murder

Catherine was one of the family members present when Manson associate John “Zero” Haught killed himself playing Russian roulette. The police ruled Haught’s death a suicide, however there are indications that Haught may have been murdered.

An anonymous source told the L.A Times that he was there when Haught died. He claimed Haught didn’t kill himself but was shot by one of the Manson girls.


Catherine testified in Judge Older’s courtroom that the Tate/LaBianc murders were copycat murders committed in an attempt to get Beausoleil out of jail.

She testified that Manson had nothing to do with the murders. She also testified that she wanted to go with the Tate/LaBianca killers on both nights, but Manson told her that she wasn’t needed.

I would have gone with them, but didn’t only because they didn’t need me.”


It is reported that to this day Catherine is still upset she was not chosen to go with the killers and she still supports her brothers and sisters in prison.

Today Catherine is divorced, has 4 children and lives somewhere in Oregon.

Catherine Gillies died of cancer on June 29, 2018 in Cave Junction, Oregon.