Catherine Share

Catherine Louise “Gypsy” Share is a former member of the Manson Family. Of all the members of the Manson Family, Catherine Share had the most unconventional background.

Catherine Share was born in Paris, France, on December 10, 1942. Her mother and father were members of the French resistance against the Nazi occupiers. Her maternal grandmother died in a ghetto in Eastern Europe, and her paternal grandparents both died in a concentration camp. Share’s parents committed suicide when Share was two years old. After the death of her parents, Share was placed in an orphanage. When Share was eight years old, an American couple adopted her.


The couple who had adopted Share divorced before Share moved to America. The husband of the couple had cheated on his wife, and the woman had filed for divorce. This led to a lawsuit in which the adoptive mother, Patricia Johnston, was given custody of Catherine. Patricia Johnston remarried to Sidney Share, and Catherine’s last name became Share. The couple and their adopted daughter moved to Hollywood, California.

According to Share, she had a happy childhood until her adoptive mother developed cancer and committed suicide in 1959. Share continued to live with her adoptive dad. Share graduated from High School in 1961. After her adoptive dad remarried, Share left her childhood home and traveled around California.

Manson Family

In 1967, Share met a young actor and musician, Bobby Beausoleil, on the set of a soft core porn film called ‘The Ramrodder’. She began an affair with Beausoleil. Beausoleil was a member of the Manson clan and introduced Share to Manson. Share moved into the Manson Family hangout at Spahn Ranch. Share became a recruiter for the group, bringing both Linda Kasabian and Leslie Van Houten into the tribe.

While not involved in the Tate/LaBianca murders, Share and several others were charged with conspiracy to dissuade a witness from testifying, when they tried to poison fellow Manson Family member Barbara Hoyt with ten hits of acid so that she wouldn’t testify against Manson. They initially charged share and the others with attempted murder. They later reduced the charge to conspiracy to dissuade a witness from testifying. Share was sentenced to 90 days in prison.


On January 5, 1971, Share, while still incarcerated, gave birth to a son, Phoenix. The baby was placed in foster care. It was later revealed that Steve Clem Grogan, a fellow Manson Family member, was the child’s father.


On August 21, 1971, Share, Como, Mary Brunner and two other associates of Manson robbed a Los Angeles gun store, stealing some 150 firearms, but they set off a alarm. After a shootout with the police, they were arrested, and Share herself had three bullet wounds. Share revealed in her confession that they had planned to hijack a 747 airplane and take the passengers hostage in order to secure the release of Manson and other Family members. Share was sentenced to five years in prison.

Catherine Share Today

Following her release in 1975, Share disassociated herself from the Family and sought surgical treatment to remove the “X” that she had carved into her forehead on Manson’s orders during his trial.

Share and Como were married for a while, but Share was arrested again for participating in a credit card scam. Share was imprisoned again for a few years. Afterwards, she cleaned up her life and has kept a low profile. Share remarried and became a born-again Christian.