Charles Manson’s Children

Most relationships in the family were polygamous. Because most children were born with no physician or midwife present, it is hard to know how many children Manson fathered. Read more and learn about his known children.

Charles Milles Manson Jr

Born: 10 Apr 1956
Died: June 29, 1993 (suicide)
Children: Jason Freeman
Mother: Rosalie Jean Willis

Charles Manson Jr. was born in 1956 to Charles Manson, and his first wife, Rosalie Willis. Rosalie Jean Willis, was only 15 when she married 20-year-old Manson in 1955. Manson and Willis moved to Los Angeles while Willis was pregnant. Manson was arrested that same year for driving a stolen car from Ohio to California.

Willis gave birth while Manson was in prison, and she divorced Manson in 1958. Their son, Charles Manson Jr. changed his name to Jay White, naming himself after Rosalie’s second husband, Jack White. Manson Jr. committed suicide in 1993, when he shot himself on a highway in Colorado. Some sources say this was because he couldn’t deal with the violence his biological father had inflicted.

He had a son, Jason Freeman. In 2012, Freeman came out publicly as Manson’s grandson in order to no longer live in fear. He said his dad could never cope with who his own father was. After Manson died in 2017, Jason Freeman was awarded the the rights to his grandfather’s body, and he helped organize Manson’s funeral.

Michael G Brunner

Birth name: Valentine Michael Manson
Born: April 15, 1968
Mother: Mary Brunner

The son of Charles Manson and Mary Brunner. Born in 1968, Valentine Michael Manson was nicknamed Pooh Bear. In 1970, Mary Brunner’s parents petitioned for guardianship of Brunner and won. Brunner is very grateful to have been raised by his grandparents in Wisconsin.

Michael Brunner never knew his biological father. When he was younger Brunner saw Manson as a evil person. However Brunner’s feeling towards Manson changed over the years. In a conversation with Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, Brunner said:

(quote from Brunner’s Facebook)
“I know that most of the world thinks my father deserves no respect. They think he was just a piece of shit that could be bought and sold. I don’t think that way. I see him as a man that was turned into a commodity.”

Charles Luther Manson

Born: 24 Sep 1960
Died: 19 Feb 2007
Mother: Leona “Candy” Stevens

In 1959, Manson married Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens. The year Charles Luther Manson was born, his father, Charles Manson, was indicted in 1960 for violating his parole after he brought Stevens and another woman to New Mexico, allegedly to pimp them out. Stevens and Manson divorced in 1963. Charles Luther Manson changed his name to Jay Charles Warner. Not much is known about Charles Luther Manson except date of birth and date of death.

Matthew Roberts: Not related to Manson

Matthew Roberts is the self-proclaimed son of Charles Manson; however, the DNA test came back negative. Roberts twice tried to get a DNA match with genetic material from Charles Manson, but the samples were contaminated. CNN compared Matthew Roberts DNA with that of Charles Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman and the conclusion was that Roberts is not related to Manson.