Charles Manson’s Children

Most relationships in the Manson Family were polygamous. Because most children were born with no physician or midwife present it is hard to know how many children Manson fathered. Read about his known children.

Charles Milles Manson Jr

Born: 10 Apr 1956
Died: June 29, 1993 (suicide)
Children: Jason Freeman
Mother: Rosalie Jean Willis

Charles Manson Jr. was born in 1956 to Charles and his first wife, Rosalie Willis. Later, he changed his name to Jay White, naming himself after Rosalie’s second husband, Jack White. He committed suicide in 1993 when he shot himself on a highway in Colorado. Some sources say this was because he couldn’t deal with the violence his biological father had inflicted.

He had a son, Jason Freeman. In 2012, Freeman came out publicly as Manson’s grandson in order to no longer live in fear. He said his dad could never cope with who his own father was.

Michael G Brunner

Birth name: Valentine Michael Manson
Born: April 15, 1968
Mother: Mary Brunner
Recent Picture: Michael Pooh Bear Brunner Today

The son of Charles Manson and Mary Brunner. Born in 1968, Valentine Michael Manson was nicknamed Pooh Bear. In 1970, Mary Brunner’s parents petitioned for guardianship of Brunner and won. Brunner is very grateful to have been raised by his grandparents in Wisconsin. Brunner never knew his biological father.

Charles Luther Manson

[No image available]

Born: 24 Sep 1960
Died: 19 Feb 2007
Mother: Leona “Candy” Stevens

Charles Luther Manson changed his name to Jay Charles Warner.
Not much is known about Charles Luther Manson except date of birth and date of death.

Matthew Roberts: Not related to Manson

Matthew Roberts is the self proclaimed son of Charles Manson however DNA test came back negative. Roberts twice tried to get a DNA match with genetic material from Charles Manson, but the samples were contaminated. CNN compared Matthew Roberts DNA with that of Charles Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman and the conclusion was that Roberts is not related to Manson.

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Sandy. Trying to find you, would like to be friends. I’m 57, in California, near long beach, I am interested in your philosophy. You can e-mail me Thank you! Hope you are well. Blue always has been my favourite colour. 🙂

You should remove Mathew Roberts as an alleged son since there was a full on DNA test which was NOT contaminated and proved no relation what so ever to Charles Manson. A well known author paid for this test personally and went on record telling the findings. Marlin Marynick worked together with Charles Manson on the book entitled “Charles Manson: NOW” 2010. He also happens to be a psychiatric nurse as well, safe to say that he has no reason to lie thus the word alleged needn’t even be used anymore seeing a completely conclusive DNA test was completed and the only one saying that it was inconclusive is Mr Roberts himself in interviews which makes him a blatant liar who knows the truth but is too embarrassed to admit it, plus he does not mind the attention contrary to what he claims. He is in a major denial.

The question is this: did Charles Manson Jr. or Jason Freeman ever have a a DNA test with Charles Manson? Something tells me NO, and they are claiming ancestry to him based on Rosalie’s “claim” that Manson is the father, one that may have very shaky foundations given Manson was in and out of jail and Rosalie had other men. It’s very possible Rosalie got pregnant by someone else, and passed it off as her then husband’s (Charles Manson) ’cause sorry– while Charles Manson Jr. looks very much like his mother Rosalie, he looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Charles Manson, and the grandson looks even less. You would NEVER know there’s any relation between these three men. I do not think Jason Freeman is the grandson of Charles Manson.

But Matthew Roberts, on the other hand, looks JUST LIKE Charles Manson, to an eerie effect. Could it be possible that Matthew Roberts’ test wasn’t a match to Jason Freeman– because Freeman and his father are actually NOT related to Charles Manson. Too bad Matthew Roberts’ can’t get a DNA test directly from Manson. That’s the ticket.

Excactly my thoughts when watching that Docu with Freeman&Roberts testing DNA. And I dont think Freeman is related to Manson too.

I agree with DL. I’m thinking there is a good chance Charlie is not the father of Charles Manson Jr. and thus not the grandfather of Jason Freeman. Same thing with Michael Brunner. Everyone was screwing everyone. Anyone could be baby daddy of these two. Charlie is still alive. His DNA could settle this matter for good. Anyone know why Charlie’s DNA has not been secured and tested?

A Y-DNA test from Charlie himself and then the same tests aplied to his purported direct male descendants is obviously the best solution. As far as looks go… I look nothing like my father. I look more like my nother. And, my and father I have both been Y-DNA tested for genealogical purposes. And we are a 100% match. So the “looks like” or “doesn’t look like” arguement, doesn’t hold water. Or blood for that matter.

Mathew looks nothing like Charlie Manson. Anyone with a goatee and hair like that could look like Charles if tha was the case. Plus he’s over six foot one, or about that. He had a legitimate DNA test that people paid for and sorry, but that counts.

My guess is that the remains of Manson wont be tested. The government has no vested interest in definitive proof of descendants of Manson. A Manson “royal” pedigree would just lend itself to cult fascination and conspiracy theories

Of course they will take DNA. Even just to put in the database. Who knows what cold cases that could come up in the future. He has said he’s killed other people they don’t know about.

I assure you that Charles Jr. (Jay White) is the son of Charles Manson. That however is the only one I can guarantee in regards to that specific lineage.

Children dont always look like their parents. My son looks absolutely nothing like me and I know for sure that he is my son. Besides who would want to be recognized as an offspring of Charles Manson! SMH!

I can definitely see the resemblance to Manson in Michael Brunner’s recent interview. When he smiles he looks a lot like his father.

I’m sorry, but Michael Brunner DOES, indeed resemble Manson. I’m not saying he looks like him, but there is definitely some familiar resemblance, such as his facial expressions, the shape of his head, etc. I cannot put my exact thoughts on it, but there is something about him, even as a child in those photos that looks like Manson. It might be the shape of the eyes too. When Manson would smile, he had this certain look and Michael Brunner has the exact, same expression. As far as that guy Matthew Roberts, well….I feel sorry for the guy. He so badly wants to be known as Charles Manson’s son. I don’t know why this is, but I find it gross. Simply because he has brown eyes, a beard & brown, long hair does NOT make him look like Manson. He has zero familiarity, unlike Michael Brunner. Plus, he is extremely tall and that just doesn’t seem possible. Yes, he could’ve gotten his height from his mother, but it is unlikely. He shares not a shred of resemblance/familiarity whatsoever. It annoys me to no end when I see Matthew Roberts listed as Charles Manson’s son in interviews or magazine articles. It is preposterous. Also, the “grandson” parading around, selling Manson’s ashes and other items is complete & utter lunacy. As bad a person I think Manson was, he doesn’t deserve to be disrespected, even in death by that ridiculous so-called “grandson” who, in my opinion, is as low as a common roach.

I knew Sandy through her sister, Ginny…about whom I wrote a book:

Sandy worked as a sales clerk at the Emporium on Market Street in San Francisco in 1964 or 1965. She sold plastic head bands. I hung out with her and Joel Pugh one Christmas in Boulder Creek. Ginny kept in pretty close touch with Sandy for a long time. One of the things she told me about her sister was that she named one of her kids “Zadfrack.” Apparently not officially, but I’ve wondered whether there was any truth to that. You guys have done a magnificent with all this. Thanks. G.

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