Daniel Decarlo

Decarlo, aka Donkey Dan, met Manson through the motorcycle gang The Straight Satans. DeCarlo enjoyed the Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll at Spahn’s Ranch, and he became a regular fixture at the ranch.

Danny DeCarlo, a member of a motorcycle club called the “Straight Satans,” met Manson at the Spahn Ranch in approx March of 1969. Manson said that a motorcycle was broken and asked DeCarlo if he could fix it.

He told DeCarlo that if he stayed at the ranch, he could have anything he wanted. Manson said that the girls did not belong to anyone and that if he wanted to make love to them, he could. DeCarlo couldn’t resist and joined The Family.

DeCarlo’s main duty was taking care of the family’s weapons. Decarlo was arrested with the rest of the Manson Family on the August 16th Spahn Ranch raid. Later that month, after learning about Shorty Shea’s murder, Decarlo left the family and moved to L.A.


In November of 1969 DeCarlo was interviewed by the LAPD. DeCarlo provided the police with a lot of information on the Family. DeCarlo also handed over the sword that Manson had used to sliced off Gary Hinman’s ear. DeCarlo (in handcuffs) gave Vincent Bugliosi and the LAPD a tour of Spahn’s Movie Ranch.


In 1970 Decarlo testified against Manson and the Family during the Tate/Labianca murder trial. After the trial, Decarlo moved to Canada with Sherry Cooper where the two got married.


Sherry Cooper and Danny Decarlo had a daughter named Gina who died in a car accident in 1991. Gina Decarlo was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle eastbound on I 10 when the vehicle rear ended a tractor trailer rig. The accident happened April 29, 1991 at 7:00 am.

She was taken to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs CA. She had major head trauma. She was declared brain dead nine days later and taken off life support. She officially died May 6, 1991.


Later Decarlo moved around. Decarlo has resided in Hawaii and California. According to his mothers obituary Decarlo lived in Medford, Oregon in 2014. Today Decarlo lives somewhere in Hawaii.

There are rumors that Decarlo died, but no death certificate or obituary has been found so far.