Dean Moorehouse

Dean was a former member of the Manson Family and father of Manson Clan member Ruth Ann Moorehouse.

Early Life

Dean Allen Moorehouse, aka Baba, was born on February 13, 1920, in Minnesota. Legal documents refer to him as Dean and sometimes as Deane. He was the third of five children. His mother and father were Lee and Lulu Moorehouse. Dean did not get on well with his parents and left the family home at a young age. He was in touch with his parents and siblings for some time, but Dean has severed all contact with his family over the years.


According to legal documents, Dean graduated from high school at Central High in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated from Minot State College in Minot, North Dakota, with a major in history and a minor in speech and education. He then studied at Wesley Theological Seminary at Grand Forks, North Dakota for two years and then completed two semesters at Hamlin University. Dean was raised Catholic but later became a Protestant.

Marriage and Children

In 1939, Dean married Audrey Lucile Sirpless, and they had four children; Kathleen Adair (1940), Deane Thomas (1941), Sharon Lee (1945) and Ruth Ann (1952). After Dean and Audrey’s divorce in 1967, the two oldest children broke off contact with Dean, and he only had contact with his two youngest children.

Meeting Manson

In 1967, Dean met Charles Manson. Manson was hitchhiking, and Dean picked him up and took him home, where Manson met Dean’s daughter, Ruth Ann Moorehouse, who later became a member of the Manson Family. Read more about Dean, Ruth Ann Moorehouse and Manson here.

LSD Arrest

Dean was arrested on Thursday, March 21, 1968, and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Police had raided a a dwelling in Redwood Valley for drugs. Eleven individuals were arrested and Dean was given the delinquency charge because most of the individuals in the building were minors. Dean was arrested again that same month after two individuals identified him as a drug dealer.

Joining Manson

Not long after, his then 16-year-old daughter, Ruth Ann Moorehouse, married a bus driver. According to Ruth, the marriage lasted a day and Ruth joined the Manson clan. Dean went after Ruth to get her back. He found Ruth and Manson at Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson’s house. He initially wanted to kill Manson, but the charismatic Manson converted him and Dean also became a follower of Manson. As the story goes, Dean confronted Manson, Manson got down on his knees and kissed Dean’s feet.

Road Trip with Tex Watson

Dean stayed at Dennis Wilson’s guest house that summer in exchange for odd jobs and yard work. One day, Dennis Wilson, who was hitchhiking himself, was picked up by Tex Watson. Wilson invited Watson to his house. Watson would later be known for the Tate/LaBianca murders. Dean was sitting at the kitchen table when Dennis Wilson and Tex Watson walked in. Dean and Tex became friends, despite the age difference. In August, Dean had to appear in Mendocino court for his arrest for dealing LSD. Tex Watson went with Dean to Mendocino. They drove to Mendocino in Dennis Wilson’s Jaguar XKE.


Dean entered the courtroom barefoot. The trial lasted two days and ended in a hung jury, and a new date for a second trial was set. Dean and Tex Watson hung out in Mendocino for several weeks. Eventually Dean en Tex went back to the Manson Family, who had moved to the Spahn Ranch in the meantime. Dean and Tex got a tent from Manson, and the two slept together in the tent near a stream at Spahn Ranch. According to Tex Watson, it was Dean who introduced him to LSD. Read more about how Tex and Dean met here.

Second Trial

The second trial against Dean began on December 17, 1968, and this time he was found guilty [image]. On January 2, 1969, Dean was sentenced to six months in prison. [mugshot] He was transferred several times during his sentence and has served in Folsom Prison and San Quentin, among others. After the Tate/LaBianca murders, the police questioned Dean. Dean, who was still in jail for selling LSD, said he knew nothing about the murders. On March 23, 1971, Dean was paroled.

Second Marriage

After his release in 1971, Dean met a woman, Marilyn Shelly Nicokiris [image], and the two got married. Fun fact: Marilyn was the same age as Dean's daughter, Ruth Ann Moorehouse, when Dean and Marilyn got married. After the marriage, Dean contacted members of the Manson tribe and tried to reunite the Manson Family, without success.

Sexually Abusive Behavior

Dean has been accused of sexually abusive behavior with children several times in his life. In 1991, he was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14, and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Dean was paroled after serving 52 months of his sentence and was released on September 2, 1995.

Later Life and Death

Within two years, Dean violated his parole, and his parole was revoked. He returned to prison on May 29, 1997. Dean was released again on May 22, 1998, but continued to be under supervision for another year. In 1999, Tom O’Neill interviewed Dean, who was living in Redding, California, for his book about the Manson Family called 'Chaos'.

Dean Moorehouse passed away on May 22, 2010, in Shasta Lake, California. Marilyn Moorehouse remarried after Dean's death.

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