One thought on “gearge-spahn-spahn-ranch-raid

  1. isn’t that the August 16 ridiculous raid on Spahn Town
    mornings come too soon if you ain’t had your coffee two cups to start
    sleepy heads being shoved around you know now the law ain’t doin’ right
    no noway can that be right
    thump thump… what the hell
    the helicopters are moving fast sweeping down and twisting around that hill
    what’s going on they’re twisting and circling the leaves on the trees are shaking now
    and there’s dirt dust and tumbleweeds being thrown up and around
    here comes cop cars screeching past that mailbox is that dust devils they’re making now look noisy tires crunching the ground and the static and yelling from the cop cars radios and yelling and now the deputies are running grabbin’ some Spahn citizens and shovin’
    really…come on

    is this really necessary officers I’m just bein’ with my Western Gal
    got any chewin’ tobaccy ah well never mind Sadie’s got something to roll…oh oh
    we’ll be leavin’ now come on let’s go Sadie Oakley
    or…more like Calamity Sadie…haha get it officers
    yet you know you gotta say it again…really…

    helicopters dozens of cop cars 100 deputies for what
    raid Dodge in the dawn on suspicion of theft of a car or three and some parts?
    talk about something being over done
    look at the pictures of those helicopters flying all over and you can imagine hmm
    was I looking at the scene from the ’79 movie Apocalypse Now
    yeah a bunch of combat ones sweeping across the water headed to the coast
    toward a village in Vietnam with…
    Wagners ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ playing
    why make do with 100 armed law officers and copters planes and cars looking for some stolen things
    why didn’t you all bring the
    Green Berets eh
    and the Army Airborne Rangers
    and the Seals
    and General Patton
    that’s funny that’s what I’m sayin’ about the attack on the good citizens of Spahn
    thump thump thump
    what a noise those copters and law guy’s cars are makin’
    now look at the pictures and I think that I would play – Lohengrin (Wagner’s also)

    as you watch those pictures of the raid scenes at Spahn Town
    well that would be I mean to be playing – Lohengrin-Prelude To Act Three
    this was also on the Beatles album Help titled there as ‘In The Tyrol’
    the mop tops had that instrumental put there
    that was cool
    Calamity Sadie hahaha

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