Kathryn Lutesinger

Kathryn, aka Kitty, first met Charles Manson during the summer of ’69. Her boyfriend, Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Manson clan, took her to the Manson Family hangout at Spahn Ranch.

Manson Once Elbowed Her in the Face

Kathryn and Manson didn’t get along. Kathryn, who was pregnant, tried to lure Beausoleil away from the Manson Family, and because of this, Manson often targeted Kathryn with his anger. Manson once elbowed her in the face when she fell asleep during one of his late-night ramblings.

One day, after receiving a death threat from Manson, he told her he would carve her up, she had had it and left the ranch. LASO sheriffs found Lutesinger on July 30 and took her in for questioning, since she was a teenage runaway. She informed detectives that Manson had threatened her, and told them about the shady things that happened at Spahn Ranch, then returned to her parent’s horse ranch.

Hinman Murder

While staying with her parents, her boyfriend, Beausoleil, was rounded up for the murder of Gary Hinman. Kathryn, who didn’t know he had been imprisoned, tried to call Beausoleil at the ranch, but couldn’t get a hold of him, and nobody would tell her what happened to him. Finally, Manson told her, over the phone, that Beausoleil had been caught, but he wouldn’t say why.

The Demon in Death Valley

On August 15, Kathryn went back to the ranch. The next day, August 16, police raided Spahn Ranch, and arrested Kathryn along with the rest of the Manson Family. After their release, Manson and his people moved to Death Valley, and Kathryn joined them. Susan Atkins finally told Kathryn what happened to Beausoleil. She explained to Kathryn that Beausoleil had been arrested for the murder of Gary Hinman. On the night of October 9, Kathryn fled the ranch.

Underage Girls

Kathryn went to the police and informed them about the Hinman murder. Detectives questioned Kathryn several times, and she provided them valuable information about Manson and his Family. She told them about the credit card fraud, underage girls, drug use and the weapons on the ranch.

Eventually, Beausoleil, Atkins and Brunner were detained for the Hinman murder. Little did the police know that they had caught one of the Tate killers. While in prison, Atkins, who always liked to be the center of attention, began bragging to her cellmates.

Atkins told her cellmates about the homicide of pregnant Sharon Tate. She said she was the one who killed Tate, tasted her blood, and wrote the word pig on the door of the house in Tate’s blood. Her cellmates reported her to the police. The authorities finally knew who had committed Tate’s murder.

Not a Manson Follower

While Kathryn wasn’t much of a Manson supporter, she felt a kinship with the group and, like the rest of the clan, shaved her head and cut an X in her forehead. She regularly kept vigil at the Hall Of Justice with the rest of the tribe.

February 1970. Kathryn was about to give birth to Beausoleil’s child when Beausoleil was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Hinman. When the verdict was pronounced, Kathryn burst into tears, after which Beausoleil’s parents comforted her. Not long after, she gave birth to a daughter, named Jene.

Kathryn drifted in and out of the Family during the trials, but eventually she left the Family and went her own way.