Kathryn Lutesinger Arrest Report


On 10-12-69, the undersigned received information that Katherine Lutesinger, FC-17, ****, Chatsworth, had been arrested by the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department in Independence, California where Miss Lutesinger had been arrested for possible Grand Theft Auto. Undersigned spoke with DDA Givens who release subject Lutesinger to this department.

Subject Lutesinger was transported to the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station and during questioning she stated that she had not been at the Hinman home and had never been there. Subject Lutesinger then stated that she had heard a story that above suspects Beausoleil and Atkins had been told by Charles Manson they were to go the Hinman residence and take money from them. Subject Lutesinger added that she heard that a fight had ensued and that Mr. Hinman had been killed.

Subject Lutesinger also added that she left the Sponn Ranch approximately 8-1-69 and, that about one week prior to that she had observed both of Hinman’s cars at the ranch. Subject Lutesinger stated that the above S/Atkins had also told her and other girls at the ranch that she had been in a fight with a man who pulled her hair; that she had stabbed him 3 or 4 times. As part of this information was consistent with some of the facts given to the undersigned by D/Beausoleil, the undersigned returned to Inyo County Sheriff’s Department where we spoke with S/Atkins.