Lynette Fromme

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, is a long time member of the Manson Family. Fromme received a life sentence for pointing a gun at President Gerald Ford in 1975.

Lynette Alice Fromme was born in Santa Monica, California on October 22, 1948, but grew up in Westchester, California where her father worked as an aeronautical engineer. Fromme was a child performer, touring with a song and dance troop called the Westchester Lariats. In high school she was a member of Athenian Honor Society, and she was a member of Girls Athletic Club. Fromme also attended drama class where she met Phil Hartman, who later gained fame on shows like Saturday Night Live and the Simpsons.


Fromme’s relationship with her father was tense, he seemed to punish her regularly for the smallest mistakes. She became rebellious and started to use drugs and alcohol. She also started to harm herself by burning herself with cigarettes and shooting staples into her arm with a staple gun.

Later on, Fromme briefly dated Bill Siddons, who went on to be the road manager of The Doors. Siddons’ mother thought Fromme was self-destructive and told her son to stay away from her. After high school, Fromme moved to Venice Beach, where she met Charles Manson. At this time the relationship with her father was at a low point and Fromme joined Manson and started to travel around with Manson and Mary Brunner.

When the Family moved to Spahn Ranch, Fromme started to take care of the 80-year-old blind owner of the ranch, George Spahn, who gave her the nickname Squeaky. Fromme was arrested in both the Spahn and Barker ranch raids.


During the Tate/LaBianca murder trial she often got into trouble and was often arrested with charges ranging from contempt of court, trespassing and attempted murder for the LSD-laced hamburger episode. Ruth Ann Moorehouse gave Barbara Hoyt a hamburger laced with 10 tabs of acid. Several Family members were arrested for the attempted murder, the charges were later reduced to conspiracy to dissuade a witness from testifying.

San Quentin

After Manson was convicted for his role in the Manson murders, Fromme moved to San Francisco to be closer to Manson who at this time was serving time in San Quentin. Fromme kept in touch with her “brothers and sisters” in jail, but she was not permitted to see Manson. Around this time she started to write a book about the Family which would be released in 2018.

Willett Murders

In 1972, Fromme was arrested in connection with the Willett murders. The authorities found out she was not involved with the murders and released her from jail. After being released from jail, Fromme moved into a Sacramento apartment with fellow Manson Family member Sandra Good. The reason for the move was to be closer to Manson who had been moved from San Quentin to Folsom Prison.

Order Of The Rainbow / ATWA

While in Sacramento, Fromme and Good became preoccupied with the environment and joined Manson’s new religion called “The Order Of The Rainbow”. Fromme and Good became self-proclaimed nuns in this new order, and Manson gave the two girls new nicknames.

Sandra Good became “Blue” to represent clean air and water, and Fromme became “Red”, her duty was to save the Redwoods. Later Fromme, Good and Manson started the ATWA movement, an environmental movement to protect the earth from pollution. ATWA stands for air, trees, water and animals.

Life Sentence

Fromme was handed a life sentence after pointing a gun at former President Gerald Ford in 1975. Throughout her years in prison Fromme corresponded with Manson, and she was one of the followers who didn’t denounce Manson.

Fromme escaped from jail in 1987 but was found wandering the countryside just a few miles away. Officials at the time investigated whether Fromme had escaped jail after hearing that Manson became ill. Fromme was released on parole on August 14, 2009, after serving 34 years.

Today Fromme lives in New York State with her ex-con boyfriend.