Mary Brunner Hinman Statement

On 12-4-69, undersigned contacted MARY T. BRUNNER who stated she accompanied Robert Beausoleil and Susan Atkins to the Gary Hinman home on 7-25-69, and that she had come to the house at the request of Robert Beausoleil who stated he was going to Gary’s home to get money. Miss Brunner added that a fight started in the residence and approximately an hour later, a phone call was made by Robert Beausoleil.

Further, that 20 to 30 minutes later, Charles Manson and Bruce Davis arrived at location. Mr. Manson was wearing a long, double-edged sword and Bruce Davis was holding a knife in his hand. Miss Brunner stated an altercation occurred in the front room and Charles Manson came into the kitchen holding the sword with blood on it and stated he had cut his finger. Miss Brunner stated she went into the front room and observed V/Hinman slashed across the left side of his face. She stated she cared for V/Hinman and attempted to sew his face with dental floss.

Miss Brunner stated that they stayed two days during which time Mr. Hinman signed the pink slips to his Volkswagen bus and Fiat station wagon and pre-dated the pink slips. She further stated that Charles Manson took the car keys from V/Hinman upon leaving and drove off in victim’s 1965 Fiat station wagon. A phone call was made by Robert Beausoleil and shortly thereafter, he told her, “We are going to kill him. Start cleaning the fingerprints up in the house.”

Miss Bruner stated that on Sunday after attempting to get the victim to divulge the whereabouts of any money or personal property of value on the premises, Robert Beausoleil stabbed the victim.

She added that upon leaving the residence, the victim began making loud gurgling noises and Mr. Beausoleil climbed back through the kitchen window and opened the door, went inside and held a pillow over the victim’s face. Further, she held the pillow awhile, then Susan Atkins. Just prior to leaving the location, Robert Beausoleil wrote in blood on the wall in the living room. Miss Brunner, Susan Atkins and Robert Beausoleil hot-wired the victim’s Volkswagon bus and returned to Spahn Ranch, dropping the bloody clothing in a trash barrel in the Topanga Canyon area.