David Jones

David Jones (center) David’s father Perry Jones (left) Koresh (right)

Name: David Michael Jones
Date of birth: Oct 18, 1954
Date of death: April 19, 1993
Place of birth: McLennan, Texas
Place of death: Mount Carmel Center, Waco, Texas
Cause of death : Gunshot to the head

David Jones was the brother of Rachel and Michele Jones. David was an ardent follower, one of Koresh’s trained warriors. David was a bodyguard for Koresh. He slept with a firearm next to his bed.

David Jones worked as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. On the morning of the raid, Jones was driving in his mail car. As he returned to the ranch, he noticed a parked vehicle and asked the person inside if he was lost. Jones somehow suspected that the driver was a journalist. Sources say the journalist did not specifically tell Jones about the raid, but the conversation raised Jones’s suspicions.

Jones, 38, was killed by a gunshot to the right side of his face. His corpse was found atop a cinder-block structure where Koresh stashed much of his ammunition. It’s unknown if that wound was self-inflicted.


Waco Member Victims List

List Of Names Of Koresh And His Followers Who Died During The Waco Massacre

-David Koresh, 33, leader of the Branch Davidians.
-Rachel Jones, 23, the legal wife of David Koresh.
-Cyrus Koresh, 8, the son of Koresh and his legal wife Rachel.
-Star Koresh, 5, the daughter of Koresh and Rachel.
-Dayland Gent, 3, of Australia, the son of Nicole Gent and Koresh.
-Serenity Sea Jones, 4, the daughter of Michelle Jones and Koresh.
-Startle Summers, 1, the daughter of Aisha Gyarfas and Koresh.
-Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2.
-Natalie Nobrega, 11, daughter of William Nobrega of London, England.
-Lisa Martin, 13.
-Sheila Martin, 15.
-Abigail Martinez, 11.
-Audrey Martinez, 13.
-Crystal Martinez, 3.
-Isaiah Martinez, 4.
-Joseph Martinez, 8.
-Mayanah Schneider, 2.
-Hollywood Sylvia, 2.
-Rachel Sylvia, 13.
-Steve Schneider, 43, Koresh’s chief lieutenant.
-Judy Schneider, 41, legally married to Steve Schneider but one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Sherri Lynn Jewell, 43, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-David Michael Jones, 38, brother-in-law of Koresh.
-Jeffrey Little, 31.
-Nicole Elizabeth Gent, 23, of Australia.
-Wayne Martin, 42, a Harvard-educated lawyer who maintained a law office at Mount Carmel.
-Aisha Gyarfas, 17, of Australia, who was expecting a baby believed to be Koresh’s.
-Mary Jean Borst, age 50.
-Pablo Cohen, 38, an Israeli citizen.
-Evette Fagan, 32, of the United Kingdom.
-Lisa Marie Farris, 24.
-Diana Henry, 28, of the United Kingdom.
-Paulina Henry, 25, of the United Kingdom.
-Philip Henry, 23, of the United Kingdom.
-Stephen Henry, 26, of the United Kingdom.
-Vanessa Henry, 19, of the United Kingdom.
-Zilla Henry, 55, of the United Kingdom.
-Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30.
-Jilliane Matthews, age and place unknown.
-Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31, of the United Kingdom.
-Melissa Morrison, 4, of the United Kingdom.
-Rosemary Morrison, 29, of the United Kingdom.
-Theresa Nobrega, 38, of the United Kingdom.
-Floracita Sonobe, 34, of the Philippines.
-Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35.
-Gregory Allen Summers, 28.
-Lorraine Sylvia, 40, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Doris Vaega, age unknown of New Zealand.
-Margarida Joann Vaega, 46, of New Zealand. Reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
-Neil Vaega, 37, of New Zealand.
-Stanley Sylvia, of North Dartmouth, Mass.
-Michelle Jones, 18, Koresh’s sister-in-law and a “wife”.
-Peter Gent, 24, was killed in the raid.
-Michael Schroeder, 29, was killed on the afternoon of Feb. 28.
-Perry Jones, Koresh’s father-in-law reportedly killed in the Feb. 28 shootout.

This list is not yet complete. Some names missing.

Steve Schneider

Name: Steven Emil Schneider
Date of birth: Oct 16, 1949
Date of death: April 19, 1993
Place of birth: Merrill, Wisconsin
Place of death: Mount Carmel Center, Waco, Texas
Cause of death: Gunshot to the head

Steve was introduced to David Koresh’s teachings in 1986. Steve was living in Hawaii at the time, getting his Ph.D. a the University of Hawaii. Steve tried to “detect flaws and inconsistencies in his scriptural system” and even had Koresh debate Scripture with a professor, according to David Thibodeau’s book Waco: A Survivor’s Story. Steve soon became one of Koresh’s most faithful followers and his right-hand man. In addition to negotiating all deals with outsiders, Steve managed Koresh’s band.

Steve was married to Judy Schneider, and she became one of David’s “wives.” Judy became pregnant by David and had his daughter, Mayanah. Although he went along with it, Steve had his issues about the situation. According to David Thibodeau, Steve told him: “You don’t even know how hard it’s been. I love her, and giving her up… We were lovers for close on twenty years, married for ten, and never made a baby…. Now suddenly, she’s having his child!” Schneider told another former cult member that he gave up Judy because of “what they were going to accomplish in the kingdom.”

After the initial raid on Feb. 28, 1993, Steve tried reasoning with the negotiators. Steve helped negotiate medical supplies, milk for the children at Mount Carmel, and possible surrender. He tried to work out a deal to let a group of people exit if the ATF agents who shot at Mount Carmel followers were charged with criminal offenses, but that didn’t work out.

Steve died on April 19, 1993. Only 9 survived the final assault, which ended in the complete destruction of Mount Carmel due to a fire. Despite the fire, Steve didn’t die of smoke inhalation. An autopsy confirmed that Steve died from a gunshot wound to the head.

The Day I Met Susan Atkins

This is a guest post by Fayez Abedaziz. It tells the story of Fayez meeting a young girl named Sadie back in 1969. Thanks for the beautiful story Fayez.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Walking out of the food market that sun bright day, in July, 1969, with cigarettes and a bottle of cold soda pop, I started down the parking lot toward the street when a movement caught my eye to a fence by a strip of grass at the side area leading to the back of the store.There, in a sort of a flashy movement was a girl, with one hand against a tree, waving at someone with her other hand.

My first thought was that there was a teen girl, 15, 16 or so, just having fun.Then I saw some people talking and laughing, further down, at the back of the store, right at what was obviously a loading dock, a platform leading to the back door.
Two girls stood there giggling and a store worker, wearing an apron, stood there smiling, kind of a goofy grin, you know, like a young guy would react to the attention from or just having a laugh with a couple of cute young girls.
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Robert Beausoleil

Name: Robert Kenneth Beausoleil
Date of birth: 11/06/1947
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California
AKA: Bobby, Cupid, Cherub, Robert Lee Hardy, Jason Lee Daniels
Whereabouts: Vacaville California Medical Facility
Prisoner ID: B28302
Archive: Robert Beausoleil
Image Gallery: Robert Beausoleil Image Gallery
Recent Pictures: Robert Beausoleil Today

Beausoleil was involved in music and acting. In 1967, Beausoleil met Kenneth Anger and had a part in Anger’s film Lucifer Rising. Beausoleil also became friends with Frank Zappa, and can be heard as a backup singer on Zappa’s first record, Freak Out. In 1969, Beausoleil was living with Gary Hinman when Beausoleil met Charles Manson. Beausoleil was featured in a soft porn movie titled The Ramrodder. The movie was filmed near Spahn’s Movie Ranch and also starred family member Catherine Share.

The Hinman Murder

On July 25, 1969, Beausoleil, Susan Atkins, and Mary Brunner paid Gary Hinman a visit. Manson was under the impression that Hinman had money in stocks and bonds. He sent the group to Hinman to convince him to join the family, which included turning over all of his assets. According to Beausoleil, the group visited Hinman because Hinman had sold him some bad mescaline and Beausoleil wanted his money back. Whatever the motive was, the conflict lasted 3 days. During which, Charles Manson and Bruce Davis stopped by. As soon as he arrived, Manson raised a sword and struck Hinman in the head, slicing Gary’s left ear. Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins stitched up Hinman’s ear with dental floss. It all ended on the 27th when Beausoleil finally killed Hinman, stabbing him in the chest twice.

Beausoleil was arrested for the murder of Gary Hinman on Wednesday, August 6, 1969. He had two trials, and was eventually convicted and sentenced to death. His death sentence was commuted to Life when California briefly outlawed the death penalty in 1972.

Fun fact:

Beausoleil and Manson Family murder victim Jay Sebring both have a role in the 1967 movie Mondo Hollywood