Robert Beausoleil

Beausoleil, aka Bobby, is a former member of the Manson Family who was given the death sentence for killing his friend Gary Hinman.

Robert Beausoleil was born on November 6, 1947, in Santa Barbara, California. At age 15, Beausoleil was sent to a Boys Camp for running away from home and several juvenile pranks.

The Family

After his release, Beausoleil moved to the L.A. area. In 1968, Beausoleil was living with Gary Hinman when he met Charles Manson and became a member of “The Family” and started living with The Family at Spahn’s Movie Ranch.

Hinman Murder

In need of money, Manson send Beausoleil to his old friend Hinman to rob him. Beausoleil took Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner to Hinman and tortured him for several days. They finally killed Hinman when Hinman told them he didn’t have any money.

Booked For Murder

A couple of days after the Hinman murder, the California Highway Patrol found Beausoleil sleeping in Hinman’s Fiat station wagon. Beausoleil told the police that the car had broken down while he was driving to San Francisco.

It was not long before Beausoleil was booked for the murder of Gary Hinman. He had two trials, and was eventually convicted and sentenced to death. His death sentence was commuted to Life when California briefly outlawed the death penalty in 1972.


Beausoleil has a daughter with former “Family” member Kitty Lutesinger, he has a son, Ivan Pugh, with “Family” member Sandra Good, and he has another daughter who works for half brother Ivan as a waitress. Beausoleil is in contact with all his children and his children support him. He was married for over 30 years to Barbara Beausoleil who died in 2012.

Fun Facts

Beausoleil and Manson Family murder victim Jay Sebring both have a role in the 1967 movie Mondo Hollywood

In 1967, Beausoleil met Kenneth Anger and had a part in Anger’s film Lucifer Rising.

Beausoleil became friends with Frank Zappa, and can be heard as a backup singer on Zappa’s first record, Freak Out.

Beausoleil was featured in a soft porn movie titled The Ramrodder. The movie was filmed near Spahn’s Movie Ranch and also starred family member Catherine Share.

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3 replies on “Robert Beausoleil”

I truly hope Beausoliel is not released. When he was convicted he said “you better hope I never get out”. I understand he married and has a daughter. How in the hell do you explain to your kid why you are in prison and make sense of what you did. I just don’t get it. Beausoliel may regret what he did in 1969 but all the regret and remorse does not bring back Gary Hinman. By the way, Beausoliel and his wife have been involved in his drawings of child pornography.

No way does Bobby Beausoleil ever deserve to see the light of day again. He should fry for what he did to Gary Hinman let alone to anybody else. The Manson ‘Family” was a gang nothing short of what the Bloods and Crips and any other gang do. They were bad people all around. They just used the hippie movement as a disguise to do all their disgusting dirty deeds.

I think Bobby beausoleil was involved with satan worshiping and that the devil told him to kill Gary hinman who was also on LSD and acid under the orders of Satan himself Charles Manson.

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